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Weed Whackers

I know ya’ll pretended not to notice, but I need a weed whacker.  The one my hubby got me for $1 at a farm auction doesn’t work.  Surprise, surprise.

See?  (Or maybe I should forget about the weeds and save some $ for the siding instead…then I could put pretty plants around the house instead….but really, I’m just posting these pictures so you’ll feel sorry for me and comment.)



But I’m pretty sure if I don’t take care of the weeds soon, the neighbors are going to think I’m crazy.

Oh wait, they already think that because I’m outside taking pictures of my house (weeds) while they are cutting and baling my pasture.  And I decorated my front porch when roughly 1/4 of my house has no siding.  Whatev.


Anyway, any recommendations?  Lightweight would be really good since I’ll be doing the weed whacking. I’m thinking battery operated?

My neighbors will thank you!

Would you like to comment?

  1. Lol! No suggestions here... my yard looks similar :)

  2. Sorry, no suggestions here. The weeds aren't my department - thank goodness because his weed eater (gas powered) is heavy! Can't you just dub them "wild flowers" and enjoy the charm? Or, a nice little goat would have the problem solved in no time :) We have goats and geese... they do a fantastic job of weed eating around their pens, inside and out! If only they didn't poop, it'd be perfect.

  3. I would have decorated my front porch too. Somehow it makes the weeds not look so weedy.

    A gasoline weedeater isn't hard to use. You look petite, but I still think you could carry it around with no problem.

    Maybe you can ask for siding for your birthday. Hey, I have learned to ask for practical things for gifts. They make more sense.

  4. Your weeds have NOTHING on mine! But our weed wacker is big and needs the hubby to operate it...esp while I'm chasing the kidders around. Chasing them with a weed wacker in tow definitely does NOT sound like a good plan. Hubby surprised me this weekend and weed wacked and put new mulch in about half of my flower beds for the while I was @ girls' weekend. Now I'm wondering what he did I don't know about yet that he felt compelled to so something so nice for me.....

  5. I was going to suggest some good roundup, but decided you may not want that so close to the house with your little one! Oh...the weeds of life...we all have them somewhere :)!! I just want to say, that I LOVE your farm house! It takes time to re-do things doesn't it?? I have lived in my house for 10 years and still have so many projects that I want to do! But, I have learned to be patient, do each project the right way before moving on to the next (from my husband!) My urge is to do everything at once...but, he keeps me focused! Since you have a little one...check out my list of fun summer things to do! I keep a family blog (as well as decorating!) with all the things the Lord is teaching us along the way of parenting! Good luck to you!


  6. I'm such a loser I couldn't even tell you what a weed whacker looked like. I grew up in LA, we didn't have weeds, we had gardeners. I'm such a jerk, I can't believe I just said that....

    Forgive me,

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  7. Hey! Just posted on the turkey-dino relationship we talked about a few weeks ago. Be sure to stop by to check it out... scienceisgrowing.blogspot.com

  8. I run the weed whacker at our house, while Ott, E mows. And let me tell you it quickly gets heavy and annoying to use, so apart of me wants to let them grow and forget about the uppity neighbors.

    Hey I have some Turkey trivia for you. did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted the Turkey to be the national bird (and not the bald eagle)? He did. Just think we could be celebrating the 4th of July with pictures of Turkeys and flags instead of eagles.
    P.S. Saw the shout out visitardc gave you. Very well deserved love your TT posts.