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Turkey Tuesday – National Turkey Lovers’ Month (but I’m not loving it so much right now.)

That’s right!  It’s June!  And apparently, it’s National Turkey Lovers’ Month.

My friend, Ott, A. told me about it.  I hadn’t heard.  Been too busy with the turkeys.

Our biggest birds are sick, so they are going to market early.  The loading crew was already booked solid, but they managed to squeeze us in…at 3AM on Thursday and Friday, and then at a more normal 8 PM on Sunday and Monday.

AND we get a new flock Friday at 7AM.  Obviously, we don’t get a lot of say in the timing of these things – the processing plant schedules it all for us.  Because we definitely would not have scheduled marketing and arrival of turkeys at the SAME TIME!

Since school is out for me, I have become “Farmer Katie, the Brooder Lady.”  I plan to tell you more about that next week.  But for now, just know that it involves sore muscles, blistered thumbs, and a stressed out farm wife.

I’ll let you know how our exciting week goes down next Tuesday! 

Until then, if you have a favorite turkey recipe, I’d love to try it!  Here are a couple of my faves:

Turkey Tetrazzini from Goodeness Gracious: Super easy, yummy, freezes well and a great use for leftover turkey!

Grilled Turkey Tenderloin – We made a variation of this the other night, and we pounded out our turkey breast and it was SOOO tender.  Yummy, yummy stuff.

Pork Turkey Tenderloin – I adapted this one from my cousin. She used pork.  I used turkey…cuz it’s free around here!  Turkey is always super good with soy, orange, and garlic, and this recipe combines them all!

Post your recipe (or a link) in the comments!  Thanks!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you are busy. But i'm still lovin' your turkey posts. Did you know the little flap of skin that falls over a Turkeys beak is called a Snood? It is. (gotta love turkey trivia from a poultry scientist.)

  2. Sounds like a fun time at your house. :-) Try not to get too stressed out.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence on my new Farmer Fridays series. Someday, it might be a linky party, but I have to get to that point first. :-)

  3. I tour school kids and summer camps through our tom turkey barns at OARDC regularly (sometimes more regularly than I would like)...and they always get a kick out of the "snood" and the beard. The most interesting observation to date: one 1st grader told me they look a lot like dinosaurs! lol

  4. I love, love, love the idea of a turkey/dino post!! As adults, we would have never made the connection...but after the little guy said it, we were saying, "You know, he's right...they kinda DO look like dinos..." Now I think about that little guy every time I take a group through the barns!! :)

  5. Hope things settle down soon! I just love that tetrazzini recipe. I'm gonna have to give the others a try too!

  6. Who knew the turkey business was so hectic. I never imagined. I love your posts and I am so going to try that Turkey Tenderloin. It looks fabulous!

  7. Wanted to stop by and say thanks for the hair tip today! I like that idea. :) Turkey Tetrazzini= awesome!