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Pinterest Project #5


I’m sharing another book related storage solution over at Silly Eagle Books today!

Here’s a little teaser…


Pretty easy project that keeps those wonderful picture books in line!

Pinterest Project #4: Quick Kids Ideas


These are so quick and easy that they can’t really be considered “projects.”  But I thought they were both great ideas!


1.  Use a muffin cup to catch popsicle drips.

(See Adam’s thumb?  He was trying to cover the lens.  He was tired of the picture taking.)




2. Make SPONGEBALLS.  These would be really fun outside, but it’s too darn hot out there.  Plus, my kids needed a bath.

I just cut up some cheap sponges and tied the pieces together.  They make great loofahs.



Isn’t that baby adorable?  Four months old already! 



Now, would someone PLEASE pin “Katie, go clean your house” so that maybe I would do it?  Notice I said “maybe.”  I don’t do things that require too much effort.


Tomorrow my Pinterest Project will be at Silly Eagle Books – a children’s book blog.  See you there!

Pinterest Project #3: World’s Greatest Dad

I made this:

DAD - Page 002

After I pinned this:

I cut the letters out of barnwood from my Great Grandpa’s barn, using a jigsaw.  Then, I took thousands (literally) of pictures of my boys, trying to get good ones.  I don’t think the ones I got are fabulous, but they’ll do.  Daddy was happy, and that’s all that matters!
I used Storybook Creator Plus to design my layout, and Memory Manager to edit the photos.

I also helped my friends, Kim, Anna and Katie, make this for their husbands, too!  They turned out adorably!  Here is Anna’s:
She said her husband loves black and white pictures, and doing the spot color was a great way to zero in on the letters, instead of the colorful toys in the sand box.  The spot color is VERY easy in Memory Manager

And here's Kim's:

Keep this one in mind for next Father’s Day!
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Rainbow Bookshelves

I reorganized my bookshelves - by COLOR!


This works because:
a)  I’m a pretty visual person.  How many times do you look for a book based on what color the cover is?  Really, name a children’s book, and I bet I can tell you what color to look for on my school bookshelves.  Mr. Popper’s Penguins?  Blue.  Laura Ingalls Wilder set?  Light yellow.  That book about the 6+ Traits of Writing?  Dark, purplish navy.

b) I don’t have a meeellion books.  I DO think this could work in my classroom, but probably not a real library.
c) We aren’t using these books constantly.  I don’t think I could organize Adam’s books this way because those are constantly coming off the shelf and being put back on.  These books sit still.
The shelves are in our upstairs hallway, so you can see our railing in some of the pictures. 
They are actually antique colonnades that were probably used as room dividers and had columns on top and doors on the front.  See the dark square on top where the column would have been?  I got them both for $50.
We actually used them to divide our living and dining room in our first house.  The back has gorgeous paneling/trim, but we have no where to display them (showing both sides) in this house.
And one last scary picture – we took the trim off this window this week to get a really accurate measurement.  The window has been ordered and as soon as it comes in, it will be replaced and the siding will begin!  In my dreams, this window will be a doorway to our two story addition. 

Want to join in on the Pinterest fun?  Let me know and I’ll send you an invitation!
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What (p)Inspires you?


Have you heard about the Pinterest Challenge?  I am so excited!!!



Basically, find something that inspires you on Pinterest, copy it and link it up next Tuesday!

The challenge was issued by Sherry of YoungHouseLove, Katie from Bower Power, EMILY HENDERSON, winner of Design Star on HGTV and host of Secrets of a Stylist, and Lana from Making a House A Home.


In honor of this challenge, I will be posting a Pinterest Project EVERYDAY until next Tuesday!  I’ve already completed a few of them, and I have a couple more in the works.

Pinterest Project #1:

I pinned this:


And then built this (and look!  Someone pinned it, too!)


For more details on my pull-out pantry, click here.


Happy Pinning!

Turkey Tuesday: Grilling Recipe from A Latte with Ott, A


This week’s Turkey Tuesday comes from A Latte with Ott, A.  Amy is super knowledgeable about turkeys…she has a degree in Poultry Science!  But that’s not all, she can cook them, too.

Over on Amy’s blog, you can check out her Iron Chef Challenges, and I’m really looking forward to Canning Week, which she hosts with Jen, from Mess Hall to Bistro.  I might, maybe, if my garden ever produces something (other than weeds) try to join them in canning something this year!

(Jen also guest posted a turkey recipe for me.  These girls know what they’re doing!  That’s why I have THEM doing the recipe posts instead of me.)

Without further ado, here’s Amy:



We spend a lot of time outside in the summer months and therefore eat outside a lot too. It's not uncommon for us to fix our entire evening meal on the grill. We start with the meat and a vegetable and then end up with fruit. It taste great and allows us to enjoy the outdoors even more. This past weekend I was at the grocery store picking up some supplies and had this great idea to try grilling Turkey Breast. While we grill a lot of different varieties of meat around here; we had never grilled Turkey. I picked out a 1 pound package of sliced Turkey Breast that were about a half inch thick.  I then thought of flavors that paired well with turkey and of course thanksgiving side dishes such as stuffing and cranberries came to mind. By the time I got home from the store my mind was already swirling with the ingredients I wanted to use to make a marinade for this Turkey.

To start with I used a large ziplock bag and put my meat inside.  Then in a small mixing bowl I mixed together the other ingredients.  I then poured the ingredients over the meat, sealed the bag and let it sit in the refrigerator for 4-8 hours.
(Here is a handy recipe card for you to click on and print out for yourself.)
When I was ready to grill I took the meat out of the ziplock bag and placed on my preheated grill. As the meat cooked I continued to baste the meat with the remaining marinade.
My husband, Ott, E, really liked how easy the Turkey cooked on the grill (in fact he liked cooking it better than chicken breast because the slices of breast meat cooked evenly throughout.) I liked the way the ginger, cinnamon and onion powder complimented the cranberries and blended in nicely with the subtle natural flavors of the turkey.
So the next time you're looking for something hOTT off the grill; try Turkey Breast as I think your family will like this new dinner option.


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Sale! Sale! Sale!!


Creative Memories is having an awesome sale right now!



Digital customers – see that  $10 off hardcover storybooks?  It includes product credits!  So even if you aren’t ready to print your book right away, buy the product credit at a discount and use it when you’re ready.  (The product credit is like pre-paying for your book.)

And see that Tag maker?  It’s like, my favorite thing ever.  I also ordered the circle punch so I can make one of these:

Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest


Happy Shopping!

Julie’s Place: A Garden Tour

My friend Julie is pretty awesome.  I’ve known her for 4 years, and she’s really been a mentor to me over that time.  She’s given me advice on everything from teaching, parenting, scrapbooking, gardening, marriage and just life in general.  We even took a trip together last summer.
The other day, I was at her house, and as I drove down the lane, I decided I HAD to take some pictures to show you.  Julie didn’t know I was going to do it, so you get a real life glimpse of her yard as it might look on the hottest day of the summer.
After miles of seeing this…

…you are greeted by this lane.  Sigh.  I can’t believe places like this exist in real life!
It reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, when Anne and Matthew are driving through the apple blossoms.  Or Boone Hall Plantation.

You would think that’s as storybook-like as it comes, and then you see the geese crossing the lane to cool off in the pond.
Finally, through the trees, you can see this border
and then the house.

The beds surrounding the house are full of cozy little places to sit.  No matter what time of day, you can find a shady spot to relax.
To the north of the house is the “shop.”  It used to be a gift shop, but is now home to Julie’s Creative Memories business.  It is, essentially a big craft studio/office.
Beyond that, a working farm!
And a working farmer…
To the south, a fenced in area for Julie’s twin grandsons.  These are some lucky 4 year olds!  Who would want to leave Grandma’s with a set-up like this?
And plenty of room for Julie to sit and watch them play.
Farther to the south, the farm pond:
And the lane is equally as beautiful driving from the house as driving towards it.

Hope you enjoyed Julie’s garden tour!  I always do!

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