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I don’t bake.

I blame it on Rachael Ray.

But maybe I’m changing my ways.

Exhibit A:
I bought her at a garage sale last week for $5.  That’s right.  $5.
img_2158 img_2159  img_2174
She looks fabulous with my vintage enamel ware (including the table top.  For more pictures of the cupboard and shelves, click here.)
img_2170  img_2175 img_2176  img_2180img_2179
Exhibit B:
I just made some of these.
But once you see how incredibly easy they are, you’ll want to make some, too.  I found them on my new friend Jackie’s blog, House of Sarager.  Click the fabulous picture (by Jackie) get the super easy recipe!  (Yeah, I stole the picture instead of taking my own.  I’m lazy like that.)
They have 3 ingredients!  And they are so delicious!  (But if you want yours nice and flat, smoosh down the dough.  Mine rose, and my cookies are more like balls.)

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  1. SO jealous of your mixer! One day I'll have enough counter space. :) I tried cake mix cookies the other day, and they were DISMAL! I'll have to give these a shot. :)

  2. I LOVE cake mix cookies! Hubby made me some on our first date... told me a little secret too: If you eat them while they are hot, there aren't any calories in them ;)

  3. Yum. My mom makes cookies with just cool whip and lemon cake mix...so, so good. Love the mixer, too, very cute!

  4. I love the mixer. What a deal. So jealous, just think of all the other things you can be doing while the mixer is mixing. (That's what I tell myself while I use my hand mixer at least.) Happy Baking!

  5. YAY! Thanks for sharing. This is just too good not to, right!

    Glad you liked them.

    No calories if they are hot. That's GREAT news!

    Just called my husband to have him pick up a cake mix.

  6. Awesome deal on the mixer, Katie!! And the cookies look delish, too! :)