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Storage Solution: Children’s Books

Well, it took almost a full year, but Adam’s dresser has gone from this:

bookshelf dresser before makeover

to this:

Ikea spice racks on dresser

Ikea spice racks make a great bookshelf/dresser

I spent a good part of last summer/fall spray painting it and decided that I hate spray painting furniture.  I also stained the top.  And it’s been like that since February.

Then, I saw Ikea spice rack bookshelves all over the blogosphere and decided that I MUST HAVE SOME.  So, I had my Karen pick up 10 before she came to visit.
Ikea spice racks
They are only $4, but not available online.  I saw them on ebay for the ridiculous price of $12.  Karen just graduated from grad school, and I think she should get a part time job selling Ikea merchandise at an incredible markup on ebay, to help pay off her student loans.  Don’t you think that’s a great idea?
Anyway, Karen snapped them together so quickly that I couldn’t even get a picture, and then I spray painted them to match the dresser.

And then came the hanging.

I decided to put them on the dresser because I’m a chronic furniture rearranger, so I didn’t want to do anything permanent on the walls, especially since I knew these wouldn’t be the easiest things to install.

How to Hang Ikea Spice Racks

tape measure
#6 x 1 inch wood screws
drill bits


First, I made a mark at 12 inch intervals up the side of the dresser.  A foot seemed to be a good distance between the shelves.  Almost all the books fit that way, and the ones that are a bit too tall are on the top shelf.

Then, it got tricky.  The second screw had to be in exactly the right spot, or it wouldn’t work.  After redoing 3 of the 4 shelves on one side, I got smart.
I measured the distance between the two hangers.


And marked it on my level with a piece of tape.  (side note: it doesn’t do a lot of good to use a level when the front legs of the dresser are on the rug and the back legs are not.  Oops.)


Then, I made the mark for the 2nd screw.

Next, I predrilled holes, using a drill bit that was slightly smaller than my screws.  I used the 3/32nd one.  And I used #6 1” wood screws (The #8s had too big of a head, FYI.)


Finally, I inserted the screws so they were still sticking out a bit and then popped the shelves on!
These 8 shelves don’t even hold half our books, but it makes it really easy for me to rotate them in and out, and Adam can find what he’s looking for really easily!

To see the whole transformation of the dresser from start to finish read:
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Any other creative ideas for the other kazillion books we have?  Please share!

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