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March in Review

Wow, March flew by!!!
I finished up the Love Your Little House Series, and my post on Smart Furniture was one of the most popular posts on my blog to date.  I think it’s because you all loved my Tulips in the Toolbox so much.
The post on closet organization  (from Ellie at Beauty for Ashes) was also very popular, as was my reveal of our “multi-purpose dining/play room.”

I gave an update on some of our big remodel/renovation projects, and shared a nursery design for my friend, Anna.  I also shared 3 posts related to decorating for real families:  decorating with color, hiding toys and a colorful living room from Crystal at The Weekend Homemaker.
hayden's nursery
I wrote about how my family drastically reduced our food budget for Lent, and why I am Pro-Food-Choice.  I shared my frustration over the scare tactics people use related to different food choices, and explained why I wanted my meat frozen before I ate it.  I also wrote about how we use antibiotics on our turkey farm.
In the parenting realm, I shared 6 Ways to Encourage a Shy Kid and How to Fly with Breastmilk.  I also posted the first Since You Asked, where we discussed babies sleeping, preschool options and whether or not it’s okay to request certain teachers for your kiddos.
shy kid
March had a lot of “home” related posts, but it also had some pretty heavy, philosophical posts related to food.  I’ve got to say, I love writing the fun posts with the pictures of beautiful homes, but I also love sharing my opinions and what I’ve learned about parenting.  I don’t think I could pick a favorite post from March if I tried.  What was your favorite post of the month?

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