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Cutie Cat that’s been Keeping Me Up at Night

Thank you for all your comments and messages yesterday.  That’s one of the reasons I blog – to connect with other women for support and commiseration.
I have a new plan today – I’m going to make some more baby food purees and try just giving him those in the evening.  I’m hoping they’ll be easier to digest and the tummy troubles will disappear.  Wish us luck!

Now, here’s the little troublemaker, Isaac, at 1 year old…
He has big blue eyes, 6 teeth, and a few curls.

He loves climbing, loves his brother, and loves to take off his socks.

We call him I-zickie, Cutie-Cat and a variety of other names his brother has given him like Climber, Butter, and Monster.
He sleeps in his crib, snuggling a stuffed animal.  He lays down to sleep by himself with no crying, but has trouble staying asleep at night.
He spends his days driving toys through the house and wrestling with Adam.  He likes to tease us by putting his pacifier in our mouths.
He says um-mum and Momma.  He is completely a Momma’s boy.
And we love every bit of him, even at 2AM.

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  1. Cute pictures, Katie. What a smile!

  2. How cute! He looks like a troublemaker, lol. If it gets really bad, you could ask your ped about melatonin. We give a little to Mr. Man a few days a week. It doesn't really help you go to sleep (although he does go to sleep easier with it), but it helps keep you asleep. Get the liquid so you can start with a really low dose and increase if necessary. Before we gave him melatonin he would be up five or six times a night, and sometimes he'd be up for the day at 4 AM. Now he sleeps through until 6ish.

  3. Adorable! I hope things improve. It's no fun for you or him. Poor little guy!

  4. What a cutie! You're lucky to get all those big smiles!! My daughter turned one last month and she's had trouble sleeping as well. Her top two teeth are just now coming in and I think they wake her up a lot at night. Hope it gets easier for you!