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The Boys’ Shared Room

mix of plaids and patterns
When we moved Isaac out of our bedroom, he had to go somewhere.  And since his room’s not done, the only place for him was Adam’s room. 
little boys farm room
Adam’s room was already pretty crammed full of furniture, but we squeezed everything more tightly, and made room for the crib.

gingham crib

The famous bookshelf dresser had to move to the east wall, in front of the window.

shared boys' room

Obviously, if Adam had a twin bed, instead of a full bed, we’d have a bit more room.  But we already had the full bed, and it comes in handy for snuggling and nursing Isaac in the middle of the night.  When Isaac was younger and spent most of the night in bed with me, Bart and Adam slept in here so that they weren’t woken up by the baby.

little boy bed

This shows just how tightly things fit.  I took this picture standing in the doorway, and yes, you have to squeeze between the crib and bed to enter the room.
brothers shared room

“You been farming long?” had been on the crib wall, but I put it in the closet so that Isaac didn’t pull it down.  After taking the pictures of the room, I decided to relocate it over here. 

farm animal silhouettes

Isaac’s (unfinished) room may become a play room when it gets done, and then the boys would still share this room.  But then the crib would go in this corner where the shelves and chair are right now and the shelves would move to the other room.  I’ve already warned Bart that when the bedroom is finished, it may take several months and many furniture arrangements/combinations between the two rooms before we figure out what will work best for our family.  For now, we’re making do (and making it cute) the best we can!

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  1. This room is so cute! Love all the tractors on teh shelves. Parker would fit right in with your boys.

  2. I absolutely think this room looks great! I love the colors you have in here---it all just screams cute!

  3. super cute. looks a lot like our boys' shared room. reds, blues, a few tractors and we even have the same "farming long?" print (it was my brothers' as a kid).

  4. what a great room! i love the lanterns- such a fun but all boy space!

  5. LOVE this room! This is exactly what I want for my boys' room - colors and everything! I have the "been farmin' long?" print too, only it's postcard size. I'm wanting to put my Cricut to use to make some animal silouette frames (and some for Ellie's room too). Ours will probably take a few months (or years :/) since we just moved in and all, but we'll get there eventually! Good job momma!

  6. It's cute! I love the red lanterns and the full bed. Does it work for you and them? Are they quiet or keep each other awake? While I love my boys' shared room, I really wish we had a big enough house to separate them. That would make naps and bed time so much easier!

  7. Even if it's a bit cramped, it's still a super cute room! I love the lanterns and the mixture of white furniture and wood.

  8. Love the room, especially the garland on the window. How do they like sharing?

  9. Is there room in the closet for any of the furniture? I actually have a dresser in my daughter's closet and a toy shelf in my son's closet, lol!!

  10. So cute! I'm in the process of transitioning our almost 3 year old into a bed (also a double), but so far just the bedframe is here, not the mattress, so his crib is just floating in the middle of te room! His room is by far the smallest so it's a tight fit, but our older daughter says she wants to share with the baby (also a girl) once the baby is 2, so we might have to rearrange her roomas well.

    Isn't tit great to have kids who are willing to be flexible with their rooms and furniture?


    ps- I love the dino pillow!

  11. I'm impressed and some of my children's sweetest memories were when they had to share rooms. Thank you so much for sharing at Meet Me Monday! I love seeing what you are up to! Love, Me www.youaretalkingtoomuch.com

  12. It looks super cute, even if it is squished. I really need to deck out my daughters' shared room. Everything is so bare when you first move into a place. I LOVE that stuffed dino. So adorable.

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