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Landfill Free: Earth Day and Every Day

imageHave you seen the movie Wall-E?  It’s a cute movie, with a serious message.
In the movie, Earth has been covered in garbage, to the point that it cannot sustain life.  Humans now live in a space colony, and send probes back to Earth to see if conditions improve.  When one of the probes finds a live plant, the humans decide to return to Earth.

The movie ends with the humans planting something, and the leader declaring to the children, “This is called farming! You kids are gonna grow all kinds of plants! Vegetable plants, pizza plants. [laughs] Oh, it's good to be home!”
The captain clearly knows little about farming, and has obviously failed at taking care of the Earth, but here, in real life, there is a company that is doing both successfully!
West Liberty Foods processes our turkey.  In addition to their plant in West Liberty, IA, they have another processing plant in Tremonton, Utah.  They supply processed meat for several different companies, including a few national chains you may have heard of.
Recently, the Tremonton plant has successfully become “Landfill Free.”  The status was verified by NSF International Strategic Registrations Ltd., making West Liberty Foods one of the first companies in the nation to have the “landfill free” status verified by a 3rd party source.
How cool is that?  West Liberty has plans to make all of its plants landfill free.  I can’t even imagine how it all works – I’m not sure how our household could go landfill free, even for a day, let alone forever!  Could you do it?

Would you like to comment?

  1. I would like to but don't think I could. We recycle a lot, but some stuff just can't be recycled so it goes in the dumpster. Though I don't voice my opinion to them,(I keep my thoughts to myself) but several of our friends don't recycle and they have small children. I tell myself that I recycle for our children because they are the ones that will have to deal with the mess. Great post!

  2. That is so cool! We live just about 2 hours south of Tremonton, and we attended the university right there by it. We often drove through and worked in Tremonton... never would have imagined they had anything like a landfill-free factory!

  3. That really is amazing...my in-laws are really good about trying to re-use stuff and do things like composting all their throw away food...but even they aren't landfill free!!! We need more companies like that!

    P.S. LOVE Wall-E (c:

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  4. We have to make every day like a earth day because we need to do care of it like a mother..!
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