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Wordless Wednesday: Swinging

Our Craigslist saga had a happy ending and we picked up the swingset a couple of weeks ago.  We need to replace the swings, but we love it!
img_7421 img_7427
img_7461 img_7443 img_7451 img_7452 img_7455  img_7464 img_7520 img_7523 img_7530

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ten june

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  1. yay swings! And your little man seems so thrilled with them. x

  2. Oh joy, joy, joy!!
    What pleasure a simple swing gives. Looking at these photos really puts a smile on my face. Adorabe x

  3. Fun!! Someone will be spending a lot of time this summer swinging!!

  4. Adorable! We bought a playground set 2 summers back - worth every penny! I am loving the hours of entertainment it, and the dirt pile beside it, provide!

  5. Look at those sweet faces!

  6. Happy Boys mean Momma and Daddy can smile too; although, your smiles might be tonged with a bit of fatigue! Great score on the swing set. Good to hear from you! I've been thinking about you!

  7. Looks like he's having a ton of fun! Glad you finally got your swingset.