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Better Life


"Better Life" by Keith Urban

Friday night and the moon is high
I'm wide-awake just watchin' you sleep
And I promise you you're gonna have
More than just the things that you need
We ain't got much now, We're just startin' out
But I know somehow paradise is comin'

Someday baby, You and I are gonna be the ones
Good luck's gonna shine
Someday baby you and I are gonna be the ones
So hold on
We're headed for a better life
Oh now there's a place for you and me
Where we can dream as big as the sky
I know it's hard to see it now
But baby someday we're gonna fly
This road we're on, you know it might be long
But my faith is strong
It's all that really matters

Hey we're gonna leave this all behind us baby, wait and see
We're headed for a better life, you and me
We're gonna break the chains that bind and, finally we'll be free
We're gonna be the ones that have it all, you and me
Just hold on tight now baby


When that song came out, Bart and I were engaged, getting ready to officially begin our life together.  Every time I heard this song, it made me all lovey-dovey excited.


Today, it makes me feel the same way.  My life is better than I ever expected.   I have two beautiful boys, a farm that I am incredibly proud of, and I get to stay home part time with my babies.  Yep, it truly is a better life, thanks to the man I married 5 years ago today.


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  1. aaaw! happy anniversary to a happy couple!

  2. YEAH!!!!!! Happy anniversary to you!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! What a GREAT looking couple and even better looking family. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary, Katie!! My best to you and Bart and the boys.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you are having a wonderful summer. :-)

  6. Great song! You were really blonde in that first picture. I can say that, having been at least 15 different colors since high school. lol

  7. Happy Anniversary! We will have ten on the 30th. Time sure does fly, and my how our lives have changed. Enjoy the next five just as much if not more so!

  8. LOVE the pictures from then and now!!!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!


  9. Happy Anniversary! Such a sweet post today, your family is beautiful. Congratulations.

  10. Happy Anniversary! The song Hubs and I danced to at our wedding was Keith Urban's "Making Memories of Us". Such a lovey-dovey guy, haha. (Tho our "song" would be more like "Fishin' in the Dark")

  11. Congrats!
    I hope the next 5 (and beyond!) continue to get better!

  12. Happy anniversary. Beautiful potraits of you and your loved ones.