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Wordless Wednesday: Karen and the Boys

(Wasn’t that a Babysitter’s Club book?)


When my best friend Karen was here last week, we did a lot of fun “girls only” things, like playing with power tools and building custom storage systems.  But I also let her hang out with my boys a little. 


It’s safe to say that Adam is quite smitten, and I don’t think Isaac minded the extra cuddling, either.


Miss you, Karen!

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  1. I used to LOVE the babysitter's club! My step-sister and I were even going to start our own babysitting business based on them, haha. Your hideaway pantry is GENIUS! I could so used one of those if I could find the room. . . haha.

  2. SO glad you were able to spend time with your bestie. I just did that tonight with three of mine, and it lifts my soul! :-)