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The Cinderella Diaries


My aunt decided, at the age of 40, to write a book.

And she did.

And I read it.

And it’s gooood.


THE TIP TOP CAFE' (on submission)
YA/Romantic Women's Fiction Crossover
One month shy of her eighteenth birthday, a small-town waitress’ self-proclaimed oath of spinsterhood comes to an unexpected end when her meddling sisters do a bit of matchmaking at the family cafĂ©. But when the love of her life is convinced by his parish priest and overbearing mother that he should enter the priesthood, her dreams of a future with him vanish as quickly as he can get his truck packed. After all, who can compete with a call from God? Four long years, three doomed relationships, and one passionate, chance encounter later, she learns that this call from God was just a sham based on a clever concoction of lies, manipulations, and one whopper of a secret. But now, the young woman has a secret of her own, and it may cost her more than just the love of her life.

You can’t read it yet, but you can read her blog where she talks about the process she went through with the book, as well as some real life stuff written in her very entertaining style!


Go visit her here, and someday you’ll be able to say, “We were imaginary internet buddies way back before….”

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  1. that is awesome!!! let us know when WE can read it!! :)

  2. I'm hooked! Sounds like a great story!

  3. Ha-Ha! This is awesome! Thanks, Katie! And thanks for saying I was 40--but I was actually 49!! Yes, I really am that old!

  4. Very cool! I'll have to keep an eye out for when it's published!