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Phrase of the Day Calendar



Bart recently compared our Adam (3 1/2) to those “Word a Day” desk calendars.  It seems like he has a new phrase every or vocabulary word every day.  Here are some of our most recent favorites:

Unfortunately, the tree got sick and had to be cut down.”

“What’s unfortunately mean?” 

“It means the tree got sick and had to be cut down.”

“Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? I see a red bird looking at me.”

"In fact, it’s a cardinal.”

In a dejected tone of voice, “I can’t make up my mind.  My mind is out of order.”

My fort doesn’t have enough room to hide my head, so I’m introducing a new way to build it.

“I have a collection of coconuts.”


“A collection of coconuts.  From the park the other day.  For Isaac, in his stroller.”


“Yeah! A collection of pinecones!”

“It’s not for babies.  It’s for big-year-olds.”

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  1. I LOVE KID WORDS AND PHRASES - where do they pick up the big words - too cute!

  2. Super cute! I wish I was better at documenting stuff like that with my boys.