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An email from Martha

or, from her MS Living staff, anyway…


I emailed Martha Stewart regarding this issue over the weekend.  Here’s what I said:

Dear Martha Stewart Living,
For years, I have looked to Martha Stewart for inspiration, so I was
very intrigued when one of my blog readers emailed me to tell me that
the February 2012 issue of Martha Stewart Living included a project
inspired by something I posted on my blog earlier this summer.  I am
flattered that you liked my son's dresser enough to make your own
version, but I am very upset that I did not receive proper credit or
compensation for my original idea.


This afternoon, as I mentioned on Squaw Creek’s facebook page,  I got a reply.

Dear Ms. Olthoff,
Thank you for contacting Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
We appreciate your interest in the Martha Stewart Omnimedia family of

We are in receipt of your email from January 30, 2012. We apologize that
you are upset at the article in our February issue of Martha Stewart
Living. We work on issues anywhere from 6 months to one year in advance.
Unfortunately, we do not have access to the files to see how/who/what
inspired the idea. However, we like to support our fellow crafters, and
we would be happy to give you an acknowledgement.
This issue should be posted live to our website sometime in the middle
of February.  As such, we would like to offer to place the following
credit along with a link to your blog on the electronic version of the

“Project inspired by Katie Olthoff of

Please let us know if this accommodation is amenable to you.

MSLO Customer Relations

Yeah, Martha, I guess that would be alright.


Now, do you think I could get her to retract her little youtube message in which she portrays large farms as terrible places where animals are abused daily?  Or maybe I’ll just invite her to read about how farm animals are truly treated on my blog and the blogs of my friends. :) 


(And if you’re interested in finding out the REAL story about modern farming, check out the Real Farmwives of America and CommonGround.)

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  1. Oh, Katie, that is so cool!Of course, it would have been best if they had posted your name on the actual magazine, but I am glad they remedied it... I am excited for you that your name will now be properly listed and you'll be credited for the inspiration! {Way to go!}

    How have you been? I hope you are doing well, and that you are having a wonderful day! :)


  2. Good for you for calling them out! It was such a cute idea.

  3. Cool that they featured a project inspired by you. :-P that they didn't take the time to check sources, and :-) that you called them on it, and they intend on giving you credit. Now that you have their ear, give it your best shot about the real way we raise our crops and livestock. It never hurts to hear our story! YOU ROCK!

  4. Good for you! So many times we let stuff like that slip. I was hoping you'd at least get a 20 year subscription to her magazine. :)

  5. I'm surprised they responded so quickly! But I'm glad they are giving your the proper credit!

  6. That is awesome! Work your magic and spread the word about farming!

  7. You are totally awesome! :)
    Shaunna Ulrick

  8. You go girl!!! That is awesome that they are giving you the credit that you well deserve!

  9. Well done you for putting "Martha" in her place and getting credit for your creation. x

  10. I have to say Katie, I think that I probably would ask for more. That is a pretty blatant rip off of your idea.