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3 things I learned on Thursday

1.  I need to buy laptop cords in bulk.  My recliner ate the first last May.  I bought one on ebay that lasted until November when it magically quit working.  The one I bought in November died Thursday.  I ordered 2 this time around.

2.  When women get together, they all talk about the same things.  Whether it's kindermusik moms, friends out for girls' night, or a bunch of farmwives volunteering for Common Ground, the conversation always includes: men, kids, weight loss/exercise, food, and shoes.

3.  I met Emily, from Busy-Mommy.com on when she came to speak to our group of Common Ground volunteers.  She is adorable, and so sweet!  It was great to meet her!

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  1. My laptop cord is dying, too. It's actually lasted for two years, which is a new record. I'm so paranoid about it, my laptop is on a lap tray with the cord taped down, and where the cord attaches to the battery pack I taped around that and made it a little splint out of styrofoam and tape.

  2. I never thought about it, but you are so right about women's conversations! That is very observant of you!

  3. Just be lucky you have women around you to have conversations with. It can be a few days around here before I see friendly adult girl face.

  4. me too! I have went through 2 laptop cords/batteries in the past year and don't even get me started on phone chargers ;) And that is so true about womens convos!