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Turkey Tuesday: Food, Inc.

I finally watched it.

And then I read the American Agriwomen's response.

And in a facebook conversation about the movie and article I read, I was asked, "How do you know what to believe?"

Here is my reply:
I know what you mean. There's info coming from everywhere. I feel comfortable in my beliefs and choices because I've seen many parts of the "food system" firsthand. I've met many of farmers and seen their farms, I've met the vets, researchers, government decision/policy makers, local and national ag leaders, and the board members from the processing plant where our turkey goes. These are all real people, who really feed their families the same food that I do. They are doing what they do because they believe in it, not because it's a quick way to get rich (trust me, it's NOT.) They make decisions taking a LOT of things into consideration, but the main goal is a safe, affordable, abundant food supply. I completely support food choice - you can buy and feed your family whatever you'd like - but I do NOT think that our current "food system" is bad.

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  1. Well said!

    I think a lot of people become convinced that every single farm is a "factory farm" (whatever that can be defined as), when in reality the vast majority are not.

    But, people will always have their ill-informed opinions, taking what one person/documentary says at face value rather than doing their own research and coming to their own conclusions. Sad, really.

    Again, well said.