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Already Gone

My sister in law was here the other night and said, "Jeez, you move furniture a lot!"

She wasn't even referring to the dresser in the kitchen.  I'm not sure she even noticed that one.

It's true.  I've said it before.  I'm a chronic rearranger.  

So here's a project that I haven't blogged about, but have already replaced with something new:

This little harlequin table was a $6 goodwill find about 5 years ago.  I painted the harlequin, but when we moved, it didn't make it into this house.  Karen and I dug it out of a shed and I decided to use it for an end table.

I used my handy wire brush/scraper thing (find it in the paint department) to scratch off the loose paint and give it some more chippy-ness.

Then, I cut some old barnwood from Great Grandpa's barn and applied a couple coats of polycrylic to seal the chipping paint and any other yucky things.

Finally, I placed the pieces of wood across the top of the table.  I didn't even secure them, because I figured that if I left them loose, I could turn them over to the red side and maybe use the table in Adam's room someday, or even change it up for the holidays, if I wanted. 

And we all know I love change!  So much so that I didn't really even get the table accessorized before moving it out of the way to make room for a new one that I found a couple weeks ago.  It was cute while it lasted, though, right?

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