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Turkey Tuesday: Snow Days on the Farm

Did you all hear about the blizzard last week?

Adam and I had a couple snow days. 

He pretended to nap with his friends…

img_5746 img_5751 img_5753    

…and tried to make himself pancakes (I found him like this after I told him that we were NOT having pancakes for lunch.)img_5770


And we both stayed in jammies for two full days.


Hubby, on the other hand, had work to do.  Did you see this facebook status floating around? 

BREAKING NEWS: There will be no farms closed due to the Blizzard. Each and every farmer will be out in the blistery, cold, blowing wind and heavy snow fall tending to their livestock. They will be praying for machinery to work and non-frozen water pipes. If you know or love a farmer, say a prayer for him or her and post so that the prayer line may grow for our farmers to be safe.

Well, it was so true.  No snow day for him.

In addition to his regular chores, he had to:

  • Move snow…multiple times because it just kept blowing everywhere.


  • Un-freeze feed.  We have feed bins outside the buildings, and a tube carries feed inside.  The feed in a couple tubes froze, and hubby had to fix them.  I’m not really sure how he did this, but I know he was cold afterward!
  • Walk through each building and tap on the inlets (windows that open to let fresh air in) so the ice would fall off, and they would open correctly. 
  • He was on the phone several times with the feed mill to make sure the gravel road and driveways were clear when the truck came.  The wind was blowing so hard that everything kept drifting shut again.
    • img_0440

    Generators (clearly not taken during the blizzard)
    • And finally, he cleaned snow out of the generators in case we lost power.  Of course, the turkeys have generators, but the house doesn’t.  Story of my life. :)

    How was your snow day?

    Would you like to comment?

    1. Hehe! Sounds very familiar! We've got a snow day today. I did get out of my pj's, but only because the guy had to come fix our furnace (of course it has to go out when it's -30 degree windchills and snowed 8"! lol). My hubby doesn't get a snow day either - but he's not a farmer, he's a police officer and will be working overnight :( And what on earth? No generator for the house? I guess you could always go hang out with the turkeys? LOL

    2. Looks like one of those fluffy pillows might have a nose and tail? Yeah, we had to check drifts because they were so solid and getting high enough for the cows to think about making a break for it! ugh! We had three days out last week. Sigh.....AMEN to the farm not closing down!

    3. I thought of you guys when I saw that FB status. Ugh! Adam is so cute--both on the couch and making pancakes. Very independent! I'm tired of snow and being stuck inside with my little ones!

    4. It looks like you and Adam made the best of the blizzard!! I cannot even imagine that much snow!

      Love the photo of him "making pancakes"! Dmitri LOVES to cook in the kitchen.

    5. I may have stayed in my jammies on my snow day too! Hope you are surviving this cold now! Brr.

    6. We've had so much snow here (Nova Scotia) too! That's a beautiful sunset/rise picture.

      I'd love to see how your love bug Valentines turn out!