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Welcome, Lazy Moms!


Welcome, Lazy Moms!

Lazy Mom is having a meet and greet and I thought it would be a perfect place to meet some other lazy moms, like me.


Lazy Meet & Greet

In addition to being a part time teacher, part time farmer, part time 100-year-old-farmhouse-remodeler and full time (although, lazy) wife, I am also a lazy mom to a 2 1/2 year old boy and am pregnant with another little boy!

Some examples of my laziness…


I make cookies from packages.  It’s the experience that counts, right?


My house usually looks like this:


It took me 2 1/2 years to get this project done:


I use this unfinished bathroom because I’m too lazy to walk downstairs in the middle of the night:


I’ve tried to train my son and hubby to help with housework, but it’s just easier to do it myself (lazy!)

img_2932 img_2943

So there you have it.  I’m a mom.  And I’m lazy.  If you’re a lazy mom, go over to the meet and greet going on today and tomorrow, and meet some fellow LMs!!

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  1. This was refreshing and beyond HILARIOUS! Holy Moly..it is me! :) I loooooove it!

  2. I'm there too! BTW it was 1.6 degrees above zero outside this morning! Two-hour delay for icy roads, but the girls made it on the bus, and I am off to rearrange the Christmas tree just a bit!

  3. I am visiting from Lazy Mom's meet and greet...Nice to meet you! I like your dish collection in your kitchen...very cute1

  4. Fabulous! Love the post! You have great lazy mom qualities. :)

    Thanks for linking up with the meet and greet.

    The Lazy Mom

  5. I love moms that post real pictures of their houses. :-) Nice to meet & greet you!

  6. Yeah for Lazy!
    Cute Boor/picture project, that took 2.5 yrs....

    (visiting via the Meet&Greet)

  7. I'm visiting from Lazy Mom's today. I enjoyed the little peek into your lazy life. Love the picture of the unfinished bathroom. We used to live in an old Iowa farmhouse and I totally understand. We didn't get everything all fixed up until it was time to move and we sold our home.

  8. I would have to say that this actually makes it sound like your AREN'T a lazy mom!

  9. Great post Katie. With everything you have going on, something tells me you aren't lazy at all :)


  10. great post! nice meeting you!

  11. I love that you keep it real! Nice to meet you, I am stopping by from the meet and greet. I am your neighbor to the West, I live in Nebraska. I love that you are remodling the farmhouse.

  12. You have a great blog! Nice to meet a fellow farming wife. I'll check back often!

  13. Hey! you get FOUR bonus entries into my current giveaway or an upcoming giveaway for linking up with the Meet and Greet AND for writing a Meet and Greet specific post! Email me at imalazymom @gmail.com to claim them!