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Watch out, Walls…

Here we come!
Hubby bought me this for Christmas.  He may live to regret it.
It’s lightweight and plugs straight into the wall to charge…no separate, heavy battery.

I suppose I *could* use his drill when I need to, but having my own makes me feel so manly independent and strong.

First project:  Curtain rods in the kitchen.
Second project:  Shelves on basement stairway
Third project:  Drill holes in a diamond pattern all over the walls!  (Just kidding, but that does kind of sound like fun, doesn’t it?)

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  1. I LOVE MY DRILL- you will have fun, accomplish so much and feel good doing it yourself!

  2. Every time I go to use my drill the battery is dead, every time! Have fun!

  3. Uhmmmm, you might want to step away from the drill until all these ideas settle down a bit ;-) Have fun!