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Summer Blogging: Photo Dump

Summer’s just too busy for blogging.


I’ve got lots to blog about, but for some reason, it’s just not getting done.

img_8887(rev 0)

This is the first year in over 20 years that I don’t have to go “back to school.”  K-12, college, and then 4 years of teaching has me trained to dread fall, and feel like I have to jam a million things into the million degree heat that is Iowa’s summer this year.  I’m trying to slow down and enjoy summer, but I still have a feeling that I need to rush, rush, rush.

 img_8904(rev 0)

There’s someone else going back to school this fall, though.  Adam will go to preschool for the first time.  Four afternoons a week in our rural school district.  I’ll drop him off after lunch, and The Grandma Bus will bring him home (she’s the school nurse.)

Speaking of Adam, my big boy turned four a couple of weeks ago. FOUR!  Time goes so fast.


I made a new friend earlier this summer, and I’ve been helping her out a bit with her blog and some other social media marketing for her farm.  Although she hasn’t posted an update on her blog lately, we have been working on the static pages to give visitors more information.  If you have a chance, visit Nicole at Red Granite Farm on Facebook or www.redgranitefarm.blogspot.com and say Hi!  (Aren’t her coral bells gorgeous?)



My Grandma has been in and out of the hospital this summer.  Out right now, and doing well, but the situation was pretty scary for awhile.  She’ll be 90 in December and is as spunky as ever.

I also wrote a few articles for our local paper.  I’m not sure if I ever even “announced” it on my blog, but I am writing part time and enjoying it, although it does make me busier!  For this series of stories, I got to visit with three really neat people.  I can’t find a link to the articles right now, but if I do, I’ll share it.


Remember this headboard?  Here’s a little teaser, but it’s done!  When things slow down, I’ll take some pretty pictures of it.


And this bathroom?  *this close* to done.  Had a few hiccups, but we’re almost there!  (Should I spray paint the light fixture?  It’s crooked and has to be re-hung anyway…)img_9271-1(rev 0)


Last weekend, my parents had a small house fire after a burner on the stove was accidentally turned on.  Thank God no one was hurt, and not much structural damage, just lots of smoke damage.  They are busy working with the restoration company to pack up 25 years’ worth of belongings to be taken away, cleaned and brought back.  My dad made these cupboards and insurance will pay for a custom cabinet maker to replace them.


And I spent this last week helping with Vacation Bible School.  The counselors from Riverside did the lessons, but our church hosted it.  As a “Board of Education” member, I helped organize volunteers, snacks, etc.  This was Adam’s first time at VBS and he had a great time!  (Adam is in the light blue shirt in the front row “fishing for men.”img_8929(rev 0)

And finally, we survived another Watermelon Day, and are trying to survive a bout of the stomach flu.


img_9037(rev 0)

So that was a quick little summary of what we’ve been up to.  Seems crazy that it’s almost August!

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  1. It does seem crazy that it's almost August.

    Oh, there is almost too much that I would like to cram in here...so much stuff to comment on.

    I'm so glad your Grandma is going well right now. That is amazing she is 90 and still so spunky! I'd love to hear more about her life.

    I'm also so super glad you don't have the weight of fall hanging over you. Does it feel strange? Are you happy in your decisions?

    I would not spray paint that light fixture, although everyone else who comments on it probably would. :)

    Mostly I'm pumped y'all are happy & healthy---and wishing you another full & happy month with August approaching. You deserve it.

  2. Katie,
    The summer does seem to be flying by! Glad you are enjoying your summer break and getting some projects done.

  3. The summer is going by way too fast! I can't get over how big the boys look! You have been busy busy! I can't wait to see the headboard!!! I don't think the color of the light looks bad at all? It goes with the cabinet which looks fabulous! So scary to gear about your parents fire. Fires terrify me bu t thank goodness it wasn't worse! Enjoy these busy summer days and you can come see me any time you want!!!

  4. Wow, Isaac is getting so big! Isn't it crazy to think Adam will be in preschool in the fall?

    I'm glad your grandma is feeling better. Hope she has a great birthday in December!

    I wouldn't spray the fixture. It looks fine to me as is. If you did spray it, what color would it be?

  5. Your bathroom is looking so cute! Is that the dresser we bought in Des Moines???