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Addition Ideas and Goals

We have gone back and forth on whether or not to add on to our house, but have ultimately decided to do it. While the turkeys and heat (thank God it’s over) have been on Bart’s mind, I’ve spent most of my time thinking about the house.  We’ve got lots of ideas and not as much money so we’re trying to figure out the best way to accomplish our goals, which include…
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1.  A separate entry and space for Bart to change out of chore clothes.  This will probably be the landing to the basement stairs.  It will be nothing special – just keep the dirt and feathers OUT OF OUR WAY!

2.  A “clean” entry for me, kids, and visitors, with storage. I want a "drop zone" where there is a place for all the bags, shoes, coats, carseats, future musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. etc.
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3.  Laundry on the main floor, close to the stairway.  It will probably be near the formal front door, so I am thinking about doing something like this…when the doors are closed it can look like a beautiful built in buffet.
4.  More space for entertaining – kids can hang out with their friends, we can host family gatherings or have friends over.  I want our house to be the hang-out spot for our kids when they get older.
5.  A dedicated space for toys/playing.  I’m tired of stepping on tractors!!!
6.  Another bedroom
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7.  Storage – baby gear, boys’ clothes, Christmas d├ęcor, craft stuff, etc.  All the stuff that would normally go in the basement but can’t because our basement is gross.

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8.  Open up the possibility of an attached garage.

Wow.  That’s a lot to cram in!  Not all of those goals will be met with the new space…some will happen after re-thinking and re-working the current space we have.  But I’m ready for suggestions.  Lay it on me – advice for choosing a contractor?  Any parts we can DIY?  Storage ideas to incorporate?  Things you wish you would have done?  Things you think I should do?  A good, cheap wine to drink while I ponder all this?
Thanks, you guys are the best. :)

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  1. looking forward to seeing it all progress!!! we plan to add a mudroom to our home one day.... we need it!!

  2. A boot rinsing station/dog wash! As ridiculous as it sounds, it's high on my priority list. In the winter, we can't turn our outdoor tap on for the season until the end of April (otherwise we run the risk of freezing the lines), and it's soooo muddy outside then. And I'd like to keep the dog out of our new bathtub.

  3. The contractor will be important - definitely seek out a couple of options based on recommendations and "interview" them. Their communication style will say a lot about how working with them will go. Also, make sure that they are willing to work with all of the sub-contractors. Our bathroom re-model project got out of hand and I had to manage all of the sub-contractors. It was a disaster.

    I hope it all comes together for you - this is exciting stuff!

  4. Love your ideas and the inspiration pictures! That is a lot to fit in, but like you said, something in your current living space might be able to be converted once you have more room. Good luck with it all! When will this be happening?

  5. Great ideas! Maybe you could combine the extra bedroom and playroom, if the bedroom will be mostly for guests. Maybe with a Murphy bed? And I think a dogwashing station is a great idea, and I can see how having a place to wash boots would be a necessity, too.

  6. I love how you have such practical ideas for the addition! Everything you listed will be helpful to keeping your house clean and organized and not just add to the size, that's so awesome!

    Can't wait to follow along! :)