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Weekend Update

What a fantastic, beautiful weekend!

We spent a ton of time outside…
I tackled this

And refilled a couple of planters.
We saw two great performances – my brother’s college men’s choir (Wartburg Ritterchor) performed with The Iowa Statesmen, the men’s choir from Iowa State.
Then, on Sunday, we went to our local school district’s murder mystery fundraiser.  It was a GREAT event, but my favorite part was seeing my inlaws on stage.
We ended the weekend with a little more work
– and play outside.
What a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Katie

    Sounds like your weekend was similar to mine. I helped with chores and did some baking. Saturday night the Hubby and I went to eat with friends and atteded the High School Play.

    Sunday dinner was spent with J's folks and his sister's family was visiting.

  2. Your boys are getting so big! And cuter, every time. Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Can't believe how big the boys are getting. NOT an original comment, I know, but it really pops out at me in your pictures this time. What fun you all had. LOVE seeing those smiles. HAPPY HAPPY kids are the best!

  4. OH man, your boys are growing- and so handsome!