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Our Multipurpose Dining Room

Our dining room doubles as a play room.

In fact, when the guy came to measure for new windows, he wasn’t really sure what to call it.  He looked around and said, “I guess I’ll just call it a dining room.”
I cleaned up for these pictures.  It usually looks more like this:

(ugh.  Who am I kidding?  It usually looks at least 14x worse.)
But we love it.
The bookcases hold books, photos, memorabilia and TOYS.  I highlighted the dresser in my post about Smart Furniture.
The table is on casters so it is moved around the room frequently, depending on where play space is needed.  It also has two leaves and expands to seat 6.  It was our first furniture refinishing project as newlyweds.
The bay window is home to a play table, which is actually a garage sale coffee table that I picked up for $10. It fits perfectly and is a great place for puzzles and playdoh.  My diaper box storage bins fit perfectly underneath it.
And to give you a little perspective – these pictures are taken from the doorway to the kitchen.  The bookshelves are to the right and the living room (that’s the front door) are to the left.

We still have some major plans for this room, to make it even more efficient and beautiful!
1.  Remove the window that’s hiding behind the bookcase on the left. 
2.  “Fake” built-ins with the bookcases.
3.  Remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room. 
4.  Replace the windows and refinish the wood trim.
5.  Replace the light fixture.

But for now, we’re enjoying our dining/play room!

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  1. Holy cow, your front door is unbelievably gorgeous.

  2. I thought the same thing as Ashley. Really pretty.

  3. I love your house! That door caught my eye too!!!!! Very lovely.

  4. This room is beautiful. I will soon be looking for a house to buy, and will have to keep this mulitpurpose style in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Katie, I love this room! It is beautiful and functional -- I love all the natural light coming in the windows! Most of our living space is in the lower level of our split level duplex, so we miss a lot of sunlight...

  6. What beautiful windows. I love the white sheers. So pretty!!

  7. I think it looks great; the space is appealing to both kids and adults. I'm wondering what will happen to your floors when you remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room? Will they be patched or will they have to go?

    1. Good question. We are going to leave an archway, and then make a wide "threshold" through the archway that runs perpendicular to the dining room floor. We will notch out where the dining room floor currently is in the doorway for the new threshold. I hope that made sense.

  8. Enjoyed finding your blog..Oh I remember the days of the playroom. I have reduced down to one hidden bucket with all my eight year olds match box cars. Love the tool chest with your bulbs..so sweet.

  9. What a bright & homey room to hang out in!

  10. What a truly fantastic way to make great use out of one space! You have done it in a way that is functional and still beautiful and I LOVE that box on the dresser with the flowers growing in it! :-) Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  11. Looks awesome!! I linked to your post to share your ideas since you inspired me so! Thank you for sharing!!