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I’m not scared! Are you?

For the past couple of weeks, something’s been bubbling under the surface and it’s ready to come out.  So here it goes…

Let me start out by saying that I support all types of farmers – livestock, grain, vegetable, fruit, organic, traditional, conventional, big, small, whatever.  I mean it.  We’re all in this together.

And every time you purchase food, you are supporting a farmer, too.  Thank you for that.

And I will never tell you what to eat or what not to eat, but…

I’m tired of people telling me to be scared of food.  Sick and tired of it.

I don’t need to “make sacrifices” or “prioritize” in order to buy my family special apples.  I don’t.  You don’t.  It’s not necessary.  “Regular” apples are incredibly healthy and packed full of nutrients.  Even MICHAEL POLLAN agrees with me:

In a January 9 Boston Globe article, Michael Pollan was asked, “Do you recommend eating organic ?”  His response:

You don’t have to eat organic to eat healthily. Eating real food, whether it’s organic or not, is going to do a lot for your health. Any apple is good for you. The pesticides are probably a problem, but the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables outweigh them as far as we know. And there are ways to minimize pesticide exposure by washing and peeling.”

Source: Click here.



And those “nasty” pesticides?  Dr. Carl Winter told me not to worry about them.  He explained his research, explained why people are so afraid, and then sang to us. Seriously.  But if you don’t believe me and him, go here


And guess what else?  I do NOT need to spend $4.69 on organic, free range eggs.  Don’t need to.  The USDA, which certifies organic production, makes no claims that organically-produced food is more nutritious than conventionally produced food. Organic food proves to be only different in how it is grown, handled and processed.



Phew.  Glad I got that off my chest.

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  1. this was a great post! i don't personally eat any meat- sometimes chicken and turkey, but no other meats. i eat TONS of fruits and veggies.... and i can't afford the organic stuff, and so i buy the regular and have always thought the same thing you sad- it is REAL food. when i can, i try to eat more envirinmentally responsibly- we are lucky to live near a creamery, so i buy my milk and eggs there.... i pay a teeny but more for it, but i know that the farm is certified humane, and i know that there was no gas consumed in the transportation of my product except in my own trip to the farm. ;) as with anything, people need to research before jumping on any bandwagon i think. thanks for shedding a little more light on the subject.

  2. I know what you mean; sometimes it`s all a little too much!


  3. Great post. I know all this media hype makes me want to scream and run around shaking people, but that's not exactly PC is it. Keep saying it, and hopefully people will start believing it.

  4. I refuse to by organic anything. How silly, all food has to be fit for human consumption. I grew up on a wheat farm, and ate my peck of dirt.(Eat a peck of dirt and you will be healthy.)

  5. Well said, Katie - thank you.

  6. We don't do organic, either, unless there happens to be a really good sale and it's cheaper than regular.

    I once read or saw something that said organic doesn't necessarily mean pesticide-free, and that the pesticides used on organic food tend to be stronger than regular pesticides because you need more of them. I think it's more important to stick with fresh foods and buy local when you can.

  7. This was great! You will have to laugh at this-- the ad that posted below that post in Google Reader-- wait for it-- was for Organic Food delivery-- straight to your home. :-)