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Pinterest Project #4: Quick Kids Ideas


These are so quick and easy that they can’t really be considered “projects.”  But I thought they were both great ideas!


1.  Use a muffin cup to catch popsicle drips.

(See Adam’s thumb?  He was trying to cover the lens.  He was tired of the picture taking.)




2. Make SPONGEBALLS.  These would be really fun outside, but it’s too darn hot out there.  Plus, my kids needed a bath.

I just cut up some cheap sponges and tied the pieces together.  They make great loofahs.



Isn’t that baby adorable?  Four months old already! 



Now, would someone PLEASE pin “Katie, go clean your house” so that maybe I would do it?  Notice I said “maybe.”  I don’t do things that require too much effort.


Tomorrow my Pinterest Project will be at Silly Eagle Books – a children’s book blog.  See you there!

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  1. Katie..... GO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE! LOL I would totally pin that if I had a pic! Seriously, though I find I spend way to much time on Pinterest, but I'm learning a lot and becoming inspired. It is such a great place to book mark items.

  2. Heh, I have Martha Stewart's spring cleaning checklist pinned, plus a bunch of other cleaning stuff. So there, it's pinned and you can make it your next project. :)

    I need to make some spongeballs for inside. I've had it pinned forever and wanted to make some but it's too hot to go out here, too. Using them in the tub never occurred to me. Oops.

  3. That sponge water bombs thing is an awesome idea.

  4. Oooo! My girls would love these, especially if we call them water bombs! I'm pinning this one!

  5. I've got these on my to do list for this summer.
    Katie don't clean your house, keep up the wonderful posts instead! lol.