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Dr. SPACEMAN from 30 Rock

Some random notes:

1.  I’ve been corrected.  It’s not Dr. Speciman, it’s Dr. Spaceman.  I knew it was pronounced “Spe-CHEM-an” and I knew it was a “real” word.  My fuzzy brain just screwed it up.  I’m glad you corrected me!

2.  My best friend called yesterday from 3 states away.  She said she looked at my to-do list and thought packing the hospital bag should be the most important thing.  So, we talked for an hour, and then I packed it.  And made a list of phone numbers to call to watch Adam, and a list of things to grab at the last minute.  Done!

3.  I also cleaned my car Thursday.  First time it had been vacuumed since I bought it in August of 09.  I feel like I’m in a rental car when I drive it now, but I wanted to make sure it was clean, because I’m sure the baby cares.

4.  I’m spoiled rotten.  My family had a “sprinkle” for me today.  It’s like a shower, for your 2nd kid.  I got a gigantic visa gift card that I’m going to spend on a new diaper bag.  I can’t wait.

5.  I’m spoiled rotten.  My Kindle came today.  My birthday is April 2, and I thought a Kindle would be really nice while I’m nursing, so hubby ordered it for me.

6.  My sister was supposed to take pictures at the shower today.  These are the pictures she took:

   img_6231 img_6232 img_6233 img_6234 img_6235 img_6236 img_6237

7.  This is her punishment for doing such a lousy job.



8.  Adam was really shy at the start of the sprinkle, and snuggled on me like this for quite awhile.  We’ve been spending a LOT of time snuggled up together lately.


9.  He also likes to give Baby Brudder kisses. 


10.  8 days till my due date.  I predict that it’s at least 10 until the baby is born, though.  And I’m okay with that right now.

11.  I also crossed off “potty train Adam.”  Not because he’s potty trained, but because we worked on it last weekend and it was a DISASTER!  We’ll try again later.


And a couple questions:

What are your favorite diaper bag features?

Any cheap e-book recommendations?

Would you like to comment?

  1. 8 days! INSANE.

    And YAY for April Birthdays!

  2. Haha! i love the 'punishment' for your sister!

    I was 14 days late with babies 1, 2 and 3... so be prepared!

    I remembering potty-training #1 (boy) and it was a disaster - tried a few days and then thought, 'who cares what books and other people say - if he's not ready, he's not ready' So, I say you're right - leave it until he's ready.

    All the best with baby x

  3. Ahem. The very nice snuggle pictures I took! Just for the record!

  4. Karen, the best friendMarch 19, 2011 at 9:52 PM

    I would like to clarify... I did not say that packing a hospital bag was the most important thing on the list, I just felt it should be done first. Obviously the very last item on your list is the most important!

  5. Ooh, eight days! How exciting!

    I don't know how helpful this will be, but when I make diaper bags I always make padded straps, make sure the pockets are interfaced and lined so they're a little stiff and easy to get stuff in and out of, and include a loop for sunglasses and a key clip. I love having open pockets on the sides because they're great for just shoving stuff in when your hands are full. Straps that are long enough for looping over stroller handles or special looped straps just for that purpose are great too.

    As for ebooks, http://www.planetebook.com/ and http://www.fullbooks.com/ have tons of classic books free to download. http://www.readprint.com/ has lots of books, but they're viewed online.

  6. Adam will be such a sweet big brother! As for the diaper bag...I always liked inside pockets...and one with the elastic on the outside to put a sippy in. I don't have an e-reader but I was just chatting with our librarian the other day and I guess now you can "check out" e-books" from most libraries! Awesome, right?

  7. I have to have outside pockets on my diaper bag. They once stored bottles, now they store sippy cups.
    I love the pay back for your sis...it made me laugh.

    Wow! Only 8 days to go. You look amazing! Good luck!


  8. Our newest addition arrived at 1:24 this morning... I received a picture of her already, but they forgot to add the details - have no idea how much she weighs or how long - lol. God be with you as you approach delivery! Will be keeping an eye on your blog for ALL the details :)

  9. Oh wow, you look awesome for being so close to your due date! I'm glad you are laid back about the time your baby comes. Both of my girls came late, and even though I didn't like waiting, I think they were a teeny bit healthier for staying in the womb a little bit longer.
    Anyway, you look great!
    Good luck!

  10. I love the idea of a sprinkle instead of a shower! I am of the opinion that every baby should get a party, whether or not the party involves getting stuff. :)

    Diaper bag must-have feature: pockets. Of all shapes and sizes. Because the best thing to know when consulted with crying child is exactly where the thing is that will make the crying stop!

    I'm not sure if it's a cheap e-book or not, but The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is definitely a good read. Although it may make you cry a little bit.

  11. 1. You look so adorable.

    2. Adam is so cute giving kisses to the baby.

    3. Petunia Pickle Bottom is having there outlet sale going on right now...I love my Petunia diaper bag!

    Finally...can you believe it's here? Best of luck with the delivery! Cannot wait to hear all about it and to see photos of the little one!

  12. How did I ever miss the fact that you are pregnant??! And so soon to giving birth! The best diaper bag is one that the husband doesn't mind carrying. Ever since I switched to a gender neutral bag that looks like a messanger bag, my Hubs always grabs the diaper bag and carries it. :)

  13. A very exciting time. I had never heard of the term sprinkle. I like it, and think I'm going to start using it. Glad you got to spend some time with your family and friends.


  14. So exciting! You look so cute!!

    I have a Kindle, too, and I love it. If you like them, most classics are super-cheap (like 80 cents), or free. My favorites are Freckles (Free), Wuthering Heights (80 cents), and next I'm gonna go for Jane Ere(sp?).

    Can't wait to see photos of the new baby!


  15. Have a wonderful last few 'solo' days with your first baby before your new baby. :)

  16. Funny post. I've never heard of calling a shower a sprinkle before, but I think its gonna stick in my memory.