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Pregnant Party #4 – Weird Things that Happen to your Body While Pregnant


(That is not me.  But it is funny!)

We’re having a rough week on Squaw Creek.  Adam got the stomach flu Friday night, and Bart and I got it Sunday night.  As if a puking two year old, who pushes the bucket away and turns his head to the side isn’t bad enough, Adam has thrown up 4 out of the last 6 nights.  Everyone else who go the flu had it for 24 hours, but not my boy!  The pediatrician said it’s a carryover from his infant reflux and told us to let him have ONLY WATER  in the 2 hours before bed.  Yeah, we’ll see how that one goes over.  We’ll be eating lunch early and napping later, I guess!

On to the pregnancy related topics, I’ve been wanting to post about this for a while now:

Weird Things that Happen to your Body While Pregnant

(such a creative title, I know.)

For me, it’s worse this time around.  I do not have a black hair on my body, but this time, during the super hormonal first trimester, I ended up with BLACK WHISKERS!  High up on my cheeks, like my dad’s.  And even worse than that, they showed up on my chest, too.  My chest!  And they were the terrible, grow-an-inch-overnight kind, too!  I’d thoroughly inspect and pluck one day, and it seemed like the next day, there’d be a couple more long, black hairs on my cheeks, chest, or neck.  Yikes!!!

And when I had Adam, I was sooo proud that I made it the whole time without any stretch marks.  Until I was in the Target dressing room 6 weeks post partum and saw them on low back/upper butt!  What?  Six weeks AFTER?  On my butt?!?!?! I didn’t know that was possible!  Apparently my hubby noticed them about 4 weeks after I had Adam, but wisely didn’t mention them to me.

Gotta love being pregnant!!

So what are your (un)pleasant side effects??

Or link up anything else pregnancy related.


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  1. Yeah. Everything gets worse and worse with each pregnancy. Sorry about that.

  2. Wow, so not fun! Neither the flu or whiskers! I hope it all goes away soon.

  3. Hope you all feel better soon! As for the stretch marks, the more kids you have the more stretch marks you receive. I know, I am just full of good news, right? = )

  4. oh wow, the things our bodies do to us, right? I can't blame pregnancy on the face whiskers though because they seemed to show up when I hit 30...they're not high up though, just on my chin line but only one side...very weird. The worst side effect though is that no matter how many pelvic floor exercises I do, I still have to be really, really careful when I sneeze.

  5. Yikes, I hadn't realized that rant post was from this year... Congratulations!!! Hope the yucks pass very soon. I too gloated 'bout no stretch marks - til the very last week of pregnancy when dear daughter stuck her elbow almost out my bellybutton... Guess that's what I deserved for being vain bout my tummy. I'd always had hips but now I also have a two kid tummy!