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Pregnant Party!!!

Okay, friends, the time is finally here!  The Pregnant Party is on!

I don’t have much new to report…still feeling kind of sick in the evenings.  At 16w 3d, I should be feeling better soon!!!  I take 1/2 dose of children’s benadryl when I start to feel yucky (around 5 or 6PM) and it helps me get some supper down.
I think I felt the baby move the other night.  It was 3 AM and I’d been up to go to the bathroom.  When I went back to bed, I couldn’t fall asleep and then I noticed the little flutters.  I haven’t felt it again, though, so I might just be nuts. :)
My wrist has been bothering me lately.  Did you know that carpal tunnel syndrome is more common in pregnant women?  I think my wrist pain (left wrist) comes from carrying Adam around.  I tend to bend my wrist funny and his weight puts a lot of pressure on it.  I don’t carry him a lot, but on our quest for a firefighter costume last week, I carried him across the entire mall when he was too tired to walk back to the car.  And that’s when it started hurting.  So I got a brace and wore it for most of a day and overnight, and it was better for several days until I set my hand down funny while playing on the floor with Adam.  So I’m wearing it again, today.  For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be helping chore the baby turkeys, which involves carrying around a plastic coffee can full of feed and dumping it carefully onto the feeders…I’ll be wearing the brace again for that, as that is hard on my wrists even when I’m not knocked up!
Here’s an article from Baby Center on carpal tunnel during pregnancy.  http://www.babycenter.com/0_carpal-tunnel-syndrome-during-pregnancy_234.bc?page=2

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  1. I had carpal tunnel in BOTH wrists with Tink, and I still have the braces Wish we were closer so I could run them over to you! Watch your ankles and keep an eye on your sugars. I was very close to being gestational diabetic with Miss Tink as well. Gee aren't I the pillar of smiley faces and good feeling! Sorry!

    Drink lots of water and tell that little one to take it easy on you. Ah... I remember the first flutters; I really miss feeling a baby move inside me. I loved that so much, well at least until about the last three weeks ;-)

    Have a good evening!


  2. Hope the 'morning' sickness eases up and your wrist gets better soon! Great idea this pregnant party, so glad I can join in!

  3. Carpal Tunnel. Who knew. Crazy. So sorry babe.

    I bet it was the baby moving! HOW EXCITING!

  4. I had Carpal Tunnel something fierce with Noah. It started setting in around 28 weeks and didn't go away until Noah was about a month old. I slept in braces which helped a little. I also slept with my arms on a pillow so they wouldn't fall asleep. I definitely feel your pain:)

    Lots of h20 and watch your salt too. I found that the more salt I had the more I'd swell and the more the carpal tunnel would flare up. The good thing is that it goes away after the little one is out:) (and it gave me a reason to type my thank yous instead of hand writing them:) haha...)

    Hope things feel better for you soon! Wishing I could join your party but we have a few more months before we're ready to add another one to the brood:)