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Pregnancy Party #2

I’m not really in a partying mood.  I have had a crazy-busy week and I am grieving the loss of three friends’ babies right now.  One had a miscarriage late in her first trimester, after hearing the heartbeat and being assured that the baby was just fine.  Two have found out recently (at around 20 weeks) that their babies have trisomy 18 and will probably not make it.
Trisomy 18 is a rare, random genetic mutation where there are 3 chromosome 18s instead of 2.  It causes a myriad of problems, and a baby would be considered a long term survivor if it made it to its first birthday.  Most babies with trisomy 18 are miscarried in the first trimester, but occasionally, like in the cases of my friends, the baby makes it farther.  Please pray for these women, their babies, and everyone else involved.  They have both decided to continue the pregnancy, but they do not know whether the babies will make it to term, or what their life will be like if they do.  The Perinatal Center in Des Moines sees 2-3 cases of trisomy 18 PER YEAR and I happen to know two women going through it at the same time.  It is unbelievable and heartbreaking.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them.
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  1. Hugs to you Sweetie! Pregnancy is hard enough on your mind when everything else is good. These three losses will weigh heavily for a while. You have to turn to your faith to know that these little ones are in a better place where they are whole and not suffering. That leaves us here on earth to help each other heal from the the hopes and dreams that start once a heartbeat is heard.

    We miscarried twice, once before Tink, and then in between Tink and Bear. They were early ones, but for that short time they were, in our minds, our children. I think it is important to reach out and share with other parents to know they are not alone. Hug each other, laugh, and cry, and in this process the healing will begin.

  2. That is heartbreaking. It always amazes me at the miracle of carrying a child within. It has to be the greatest thing to know that you care for and nurture that child from such a tiny beginning. I miscarried a child at 8 weeks and it was so hard because I already cared for my child from the moment that we knew. Blessings to you today!

  3. I just ache for your friends! I can't imagine the pain they feel, nor the helplessness you feel! Thinking of you and them.

    I hope to have time to do a post to link up tonight.

  4. My heart just broke reading this post. I have never suffered a loss like that, but have had several friends suffer from multiple miscarriages and one that made it to full term and lost her baby right before delivery....oh how sad that was. I will pray for your friends and their sweet little ones. God can certainly heal and perform miracles and I will pray for those two precious bundles and ask God to provide those miracles.

  5. Saying some prayers for your friends...sometimes it is so hard to see the reasons why these sort of things happen. May they find some comfort in the support they receive.

  6. This is tragic. My heart is breaking for these women. Prayers to them!

    Button. You can just resize it in photobucket and then no one would have to change their links...I bet...

  7. Oh how sad that is, what are the odds that 2 of your friends would be going through this? How awful:(

    My MIL lost a baby years ago when she was 4 months pregnant and still gets choked up about it.

  8. Wow that is so sad, both losing a baby and finding out the baby your carrying probably won't make it. We're so lucky when we make it through a pregnancy with a healthy baby

  9. Prayers for your friends. That is so heartbreaking. I ache to make everything all better for them.