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Gravel Walkway Inspiration

Our entire yard is a mudpit.  After several thousand dollars, a new water line from the road, an electric line buried, and our septic tank dug up and pumped out, we have very little lawn.  Mostly, it’s mud.
One of the casualties was our old sidewalk.  It was a horrible sidewalk anyway – puddles all over, and in the winter those puddles became an ice skating rink.
We need to replace it in the cheapest, fastest, most DIY way.  And after some research, I’ve decided to put in a gravel walkway.
I had a hard time finding inspiration pics for this project, but here are a few I like:

That is lavendar lining the path.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  That’s what my path will look like if I don’t mow often enough. :)
image I think this formal border is pretty, too.    But probably not really my style.
imageAnother pretty garden path.
I love the bricks along the edges, the contrast of the pine needle mulch with the gravel, and the way the path meanders through the beds.  This is the inspiration picture that will guide my design.  My dearest husband thinks it’s a bad idea to mortar the bricks together, but I haven’t asked my dad yet, and he’s the real boss. :)  To the left of my path will be flower beds and the house, just like this picture.  To the right, however, will be lawn, but perhaps a narrow bed in between?
What do you think?  Any other budget friendly, DIY in a hurry solutions?

Edited to add:  I am adding this one a bit late (April 14) but I LOVE it so I had to include it.  It has white gravel, brick, and "yard" outside of those little bushes.  What are those guys, anyway?

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  1. Oh I like the second to last one... a lot! I need to do something with our front walk. Never considered gravel before...hmmm

  2. Beautiful inspiration. We need to create a whole new area just beyond our new sunroom we completed in January. Thanks for the greats shots. Good luck with your yard.

  3. Thanks for emailing these... love the rustic look of rock.