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China Cabinet Redo = BIG Impact

This china cabinet is my favorite piece of furniture, and when I get an itch to change up my decor, the china cabinet is usually one of the first changes I make.  And it makes such a HUGE impact.  I can change the entire mood of  my home by changing out the window panels.
For a couple of months after Christmas, I had this going on…
I think it was beautiful.  So serene and calming, but not at all boring.
Then I decided to infuse some color for spring.  I found this paper first, but I couldn’t make it work.
So I put up a panel of coffee dyed fabric.  And left it for a couple of days.  It looked too dark; too much of a contrast between the fabric and furniture.  Finally, I used the paper to make a cute little “valance” and I love the way it bridges the white of the cabinet with the gorgeous stripes.

img_0982 img_1023
My dining room faces south, and I just couldn’t get a picture without a glare from the windows.  Oops. img_1024  Here’s the cabinet’s entire journey, from free, laminate 80s furniture, to my favorite piece!china cabinet - Page 001

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  1. What a wonderfully fun piece to have in your room. I just love the last pic with the fun on top, too. But I'm SO wishing the pictures were bigger :( and brighter to take in every last detail.

  2. I love that this can be changed out so easily - of course my fav is the harlequin diamonds!

  3. Hello Katie, your cabinet is gorgeous!!! That is such a great idea, you can change out your fabrics whenever you want but still have a great piece of furniture!

  4. Hey Katie, thanks for linking up to my treasures and trinkets thursday! I love how you can change out your cabinet! It looks sooo much better after you painted it. I have an armoire that I did that too..it looks amazing now. I took pictures of it a while back to do a blog on it, but haven't gotten to it yet. Hope you have a blessed day!

  5. What an amazing piece! You've done an excellent job on the finish - I love it distressed white! I totally want the display you have on top - everything about it is fabulous and right up my alley! Great Job!

  6. That is a big transformation from original finish to now. I love the pop of colour of the pieces on top, especially the croquet set.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!

  7. That is such a fun piece! It's amazing that it can look so different!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours Day!

  8. Love your cabinet redo! I posted a link to your redo on my blog I'm trying to do a makeover myself :)