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Harlequin Table

My goal is to start out our week on Monday with a clean house, which means I’m not doing too many projects this weekend.


So I thought I’d show an old one. This was “pre-blogging” so I don’t have a great before picture.  The table in question is the one used as a bedside table in this picture.  This was my guest room in our first house.

1_1_07 391

It was just a little table with chippy white paint (but not in a good way) that I got for $6 at the Goodwill.  It is very lightweight (in a good way.)


So I slapped a new coat of paint on it and drew out the harlequins.  I measured where my lines would intersect (I think my harlequins are 2 inches across and 4 inches tall, if I remember right) and then connected the dots!


I did NOT tape off the lines and I probably should have.  Some of the harlequins are not great. :(  I used regular old black craft paint, and sealed it by brushing on some polycrylic (which made the the black bleed a bit.  Most of my projects turn out like this!)


Here it is in its new home.  The was the kitchen in my first house.  It was insanely small. I’ll show you some more pictures some other day.



We used it as a coffee/dogfood station.  It worked great.


However, at one point there was a minor disaster with a scented oil plug in (I unplugged it because it was too strong, laid it on the table, it leaked all over and ate my pretty harlequins.)  So for now it’s out in the shed, waiting for a new life again. :)


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  1. The table is adorable and if you do decide to paint it with the harlequins again try Frog Tape, you can buy it at Sherwin Williams or Lowe's, it's my new bff for paint tape, the edges are coated in power that gels when it gets wet...Amazing! And thanks for the add to your favorite projects list!

  2. I love a harlequin pattern and this looks pretty great to me!

  3. Katie,
    I always love the black and white...and this table is too cute. Be sure to keep us posted when you bring it back out! Thanks for sharing!

  4. way to go!!! it turned out absolutely fabulous!

  5. Love the table! Darling! If you happen to do any Spring projects I would love for you to join in on my Spring blog party. The next one is April 9th.

  6. Your table is adorable...I am also a fan of Black and white diamonds as well as checks. Love your rec valance,too!

  7. I'm all over harlequin! It looks great and I cant belive you did such a great job without tape....you go girl!

    Happy Monday to ya,

  8. Your table looks great. I painted an ugly suitcase with a harlequin print on the top. I cheated and used a stencil.

  9. So sad! It looked great, sorry that happened.

    Hope you'll drop by AtticMag to give JaneT some advice on making a bench from a vintage bed. #81 on Met Monday.


  10. What a cute table!! I totally love it!! I wanna make one now!

    Thanks so much for linking!

    Poppies at Play

  11. I really like this. Fits great in the space!

  12. What a cute way to dress up the table top. Thanks for sharing your table at the POPP.

  13. Your table turned out so cute! I love the black and white. Awesome!

    Thanks so much for linking it up to my party!


  14. I loved the harlequin design. I am impressed that you did this using math skills. I lack those so when I did a piece with a harlequin top last week I used a stencil that I bought at Hobby Lobby. Gotta love that place. :)
    Thanks for sharing. I like to see others that do what I do.