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Happy Birthday (Party), Baby O!

What a fabulous evening! We were worried about the weather this morning, but after a light rain shower, the sun came out and the humidity stayed down. About 45 of Adam's family members came over this afternoon to help him celebrate his birthday. Here are a few quick pictures before I hit the hay.

My cousin, Lane, made his gorgeous and healthy cake. She wanted to make it, and I requested that it not be too incredibly full of sugar. She said the ingredients were applesauce (sugar free), bananas, whole wheat flour, wheat germ and soy milk. I tried it tonight, and I'm sorry, Lane, but there's a reason Adam didn't eat much of it. :)

For some reason, I didn't take many pictures of him smiling! Maybe someone else has some?

Thanks to everyone who came. Adam is so lucky to have so many family members who love him. I know he won't remember this day, but he'll be able to look at the video and pictures and see how important he is to all of us!

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