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Headboard Benches: 4 Tips and Tricks

It’s about time for another DIY post, don’t you think? How about one about DIY Headboard Benches?

I’ve made 5 headboard benches in the last couple of years, and each one was a learning experience.
There are a lot of tutorials out there, but each headboard is different, which means that the tutorials aren’t really one-size fits all.  I generally build a strong frame and then cover it with the “pretty” parts.   It’s really an “add another support here” and “put in an extra screw there” sort of process.
So instead of a tutorial, I’m going to give you a few tips I’ve learned.

tips for headboard benches

1. Use bigger boards for your supports.  2x4s or 1x6s.  Don’t try to skimp and use 1x2s.  They aren’t strong enough and your bench will sag.

(For the bench below, I didn’t want a big support showing across the front.  I wanted to be able to put baskets under the bench.  But yeah, it was wobbly.)

headboard bench
build headboard bench

2. Use long screws.  And plenty of them.  I don’t care if woodworkers make fun of me because there’s 5 lbs of screws in the bench.  The darn thing is going to stay together!

(Another wobbly bench because the front support wasn’t strong enough.  You’d think I’d have learned the first time…)

headboard footboard diy bench
building headboard bench

how to build a headboard bench

3. Predrill your holes to keep the wood from splitting.  And to keep yourself from going crazy switching out your drill bits, get one of these .  You’ll thank me later.

(Now this bench was sturdy!  My friend helped me build the 2x4 frame, and I could do jumping jacks on it if I wanted to.)

make headboard bench
2014-08-29 14_58_20
repurpose headboard table leaves bench

upcycle headboard footboard

4. The seat height and depth should be about 18 inches. No one wants an uncomfortable bench, no matter how cute it is!

building a bed bench
paint bench

diy bed bench
2014-09-02 12_45_00

One more for your viewing pleasure…(This one took a few extra screws, but it sure is pretty!)

upholstered headboard DIY bench
Have you ever made a headboard and footboard bench? If so, share your tips or favorite tutorial!

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  1. Very cute! I love all of your tips and will miss you not doing the Homeshed this summer :(

  2. What a great idea for a repurpose! Thanks for linking up at The Creative Circle!

  3. Hi, I love how your benches turned out and thanks for giving the size of the boards for the bench part. I got a white headboard and foot board out of the garbage and it is in great shape. The headboard has a small heart cut out on it and I think it is adorable. I plan on using this bench near my entryway. What I want to know after you cut the foot board in half how do you attach to the headboard?