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Help for Picky Eaters

Help for Picky EatersMy boys are picky eaters.  Especially Adam (4 1/2), who has become more and more particular about foods as he’s gotten older.  Isaac (22 months) was off to a good start, but he also became pickier as time went on.
This has been a problem for me for some time, and feeding my kids was stressing me out a LOT.  So when I came across Your Kid’s Table, I was thrilled.  I read through all the Basic Strategies and I knew that I had to make some changes. 
Your Kid's Table
The biggest changes I needed to make were eating at the table and spacing meals/snacks properly.  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but up until just a few weeks ago, our family ate almost all of our meals in the living room.  That was a problem.  The second big problem was that I was letting my kids “graze” all day long, so when I did convince them it was time for a meal, they weren’t even all that hungry.
I started to work on those two things, and I noticed a difference.  But shortly before Christmas, I decided to ask for individualized help.  Feeding my children had become so challenging, and something HAD to change. Alisha (Your Kid’s Table) offers personalized consultations via email, skype or phone. (By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post – I will sing Alisha’s praises for free forever.)
I chose to do a hybrid email/phone consultation.  After answering a lot of questions about what the boys eat, how they eat, and where they eat, Alisha called and we talked through some things more in depth.
Help for a picky eater
After we chatted, Alisha wrote up THREE pages of personalized suggestions to help my kids improve their eating.  And it has been so helpful!  Even through this last crazy month, my boys’ eating habits have improved!
One of the most helpful things Alisha taught me is to recognize the small steps as victories.  Isaac put his finger in ketchup one night.  He didn’t eat it, but because he hates messy things, this was a major victory.  Adam ate at the table 4 nights in a row without complaining.  He didn’t try any new foods and he didn’t have a perfectly well-balanced meal, but it was still another major victory.  Identifying those small successes has helped me stay motivated to continue on the right track.
I am forever grateful to Alisha for the professional advice, as well as the “mom-to-mom, I’m not judging you” attitude she had with me.  The small price I paid to do the consult was definitely worth it – Alisha has changed our lives.  My boys have healthier eating habits and my stress level has decreased significantly.  As I said earlier, this is not a sponsored post.  I am just eternally thankful that I decided to ask Alisha for help, and I want other moms out there to know that she can help you, too!

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  1. We definitely need to work on grazing. My kids are old enough to get their own food, so saying no to a snack doesn't always work. Well, it works with the oldest, but my middle child just goes and eats when he's hungry. My oldest ate roasted broccoli tonight and acted like he was being tortured the entire time. But at least he ate it. Like you said, it's all about the small victories.

  2. Katie, thank you so much for all of your kind words. I have really enjoyed working with you! I am so proud of all the progress both you and the boys have made! I am off to share this! Really wonderful, thanks again!

    Alisha from Your Kid's Table