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“Grandpa’s Barn” Wall Art

When my Great Grandpa died, we found this really neat book in his house – The Farmer’s New Guide, published in 1895.  It is really cool – almost 800 pages of “how-to farm” information. Farmers' New Guide
Antique Farmers' Guide

One of my favorite parts is the flipbook style illustrations of a cow and horse.  Each “page” shows a different body system. 

Antique flip book cow anatomy

I knew I wanted to do something cool with the images, so I scanned them and then printed them as 5x7’s on heavy duty cardstock.

antique farm animal images

Then, I dug some barn wood out of a shed.  (Remember?  When Great Grandpa’s barn was taken down, my dad salvaged some of the wood for me!  I used it to make barn wood shelves in the kitchen, too.)

I cut it down to size, washed it off, and attached my pictures.

farm wall art

I found these tacks in the shop, and thought they looked like perfect old fashioned nails.

img_9559(rev 0)
I stuck them in with my thumb, made sure the placement was right, and then hammered them in.

DIY farm wall art

I like to think that maybe a farmer or farm kid hung these images in their barn 100 years ago, to use as a reference, when caring for their animals.

Barn board art

Now, a “modern” child can use these to study, too!  The art will be for sale at our Fall for Junk barn sale coming up at the end of September!

reclaimed barn board and antique farm animals

To see the scanned images up close, check out my facebook page – I’ll be posting them there!

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  1. Katie! I seriously LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!! Have full barn sale envy right now. Ingenious!

  2. Oh man, I love this!!! Someday when we tear down our old barn, I am definitely copying this idea!! I'll have to be on the hunt for good pictures. You're awesome!!

  3. They turned out great! I really hope we can do the junk junket! I will have to keep digging around for stuff that I can pry from Matt's hands that I know you will actually do something it (unlike his ideas and good intentions...),

  4. Oh my, love them!!! I recently gave my girls a room makeover and have space to fill. This would be a fantastic idea for their country girl bedroom. Great job on preserving the book by scanning the images!!!!

  5. Katie, I LOVE this project! It's not only gorgeous, it holds so many mementos for you as a family. Brilliant!

    I've shared you all over the land for SNS 149. :)


  6. Wow, this is pretty interesting. Inspiring, as well. Thanks for sharing such inspiring experience with us. Great blog, congrats.!