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Papa – Paparazzi!

Usually, I’m the only paparazzo around here, but I’ve got some competition, now.

Santa brought Adam his own camera for Christmas.  He took 150 pictures on Christmas Day.  About 15 of them show something recognizable.  We’re working hard on looking at the view finder and holding the camera still.


Here’s a sample of his work:


(A good photographer would try to avoid an angle that shows off my double chin so well.)


Daddy making silly faces



A couple of self portraits.


He’s available for weddings, family photo shoots and special events, in case you’re interested!

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  1. Too funny! Santa brought the girls DSis, and they have a camera, WITH software that makes any subject look like he/she is standing in front of a multitude of nasty house-of-mirror type mirrors. It's like your double chin times 5! ACK!


  2. Too cute! Hired. I hope my in-laws won't mind the creative nature. :)

  3. He's hired! I bet he is just having a blast, it is fun when they want to mimic you {the good parts of you }.

  4. Very cute! It that the kid tough series?! We got our son the kid tough microphone and speaker thingy...I wanted to get this for him too!

  5. How cute! He's well on his way to be the next big thing!

  6. It cracks me up the things kids want to take pictures of - luckily with digital it is no biggie - one year when my oldest was little we bought her a Fisher Price Film camera - I learned pretty fast I had to keep control or we would be developing a million pics of stuffed animals and the sky!

  7. He sure is having fun. Isn't that what it is all about at his age