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TP Pumpkins

Adam, Best Friend (Karen) and I did a craft with toilet paper last weekend.  I really like the results of mine and Karen’s craftiness.  Adam’s – not so much.  I’ll tell you about his, first.
(Not my picture.  I stole it from http://blog.newsok.com/hiccups/2009/02/19/potty-training-advice-needed/.  But it pretty accurately shows what Adam’s “craft” ended up looking like.)
1:  Karen put the roll of toilet paper on the actual toilet paper holder.
2:  Adam unrolled the entire roll into the toilet while Karen made dinner and I “rested.”
3:  Adam flushed.
4:  Adam ran to the kitchen and told Karen something along the lines of, “Karn, I puh toy pay in pah-pah.”  Which loosely translates to, “Karen, I put toilet paper in the potty.”
5:  I had been listening, so I jumped off the couch and went to check the damage.  Yep, an entire roll of toilet paper in the potty.  Unrolled.  Not just “throw the whole roll in there.”  Nope, he unrolled it first.
6:  Thankfully, the toilet did NOT overflow.  Miracles happen everyday.  I used salad tongs to fish out the TP. And everyone was happy.

The next day, Karen and I used some toilet paper in another unique way!
toilet paper pumpkins
See those adorable “pumpkins?!?!”  Simply toilet paper wrapped in some cloth napkins that I got at Target several years ago.  Just put the toilet paper in the middle, pull the ends up and tuck them into the middle of the roll.  These are all over blogland, so I’m not going to do an entire tutorial, just show you some pics of how ours turned out!
We made a bunch using my collection of decorator fabric remnants.  I wanted mine to be fall-y, but not super halloween-y, so these tan fabrics were perfect.
Don’t have your own collection?  Fat quarters work well, as do napkins (the napkins were the PERFECT size!)
neutral toilet paper pumpkins 
Karen made the cute ones with the strips of burlap and other fabrics.  I was too lazy impatient to get mine looking right that way, so I just wrapped.
 diy fall decor  burlap pumpkin
I had the most fun embellishing the tops.  I think they’re adorable!
diy tp pumpkin pumpkin craft 
*Special thanks to Adam and Best Friend’s Husband, Jon for getting us the sticks from outside. :)

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  1. Simply gorgeous and easy to do. Have a great day!

  2. those are adorable Katie...had not seen this before so I will try with the twins soon...

  3. Oh, P.S....not Adam's but yours and Karen's...however the twins would rather do Adam's!

  4. And the tongs went ???????? ;-) Love your craft! If I get to a crafty moment in the near future, I may try it. That would be a nice way to "hide the potty paper" during the fall months. Now come up with a snowman model for the winter months ;-)

  5. Love it! And after the fall season, you can always use your "craft paper" for it's regular use..then flush! :) LOL
    Glad you liked my fall color choices on my pumpkins! I love that Krylon brushed metal paint...it is SO pretty and they have great color choices! I sound like I work for them! lol
    Have a great new week!

  6. Cute! And oh my gosh, there is definitely something the the genetic makeup of little boys that attracts them to all things toilet - lol. So glad you ALL had fun. Your pumpkins are adorable!

  7. Real cute I like the plain ones

  8. Your pumpkins look great! I made some similar to them a couple of weeks ago and love them.

  9. I LOVE these...I am on my way to the linen closet for TP and fabric!! Thanks for sharing this cleer idea!

  10. Great idea! PS, Haven't gotten a chance to congratulate you on your exciting news! Hope you get feeling better soon with the start of your 2nd trimester!

  11. I had fogotten about this craft! Thanks for the reminder.
    I've done gone fishin' with tongs myself. Luckily, it's been a while!

  12. Those are so darn cute - I might have to try that this year. the pumpkin one NOT the clogging the toilet one! I couldn't comment on your other post... it gave me an error - ughhhh... I hate when that happens after a long comment. The jist: men SUCK at prioritizing!

  13. Those are SO cute!!! i absolutely love that idea!!

  14. LOVE this idea!!! So gonna make some :)

  15. These are ADORABLE and look really fun to make! Sorry about the tp in the toilet incident!!!