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Morning Sickness

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I need some encouragement. 
I’m starting to feel better, but today is bad again.  Let me hear your morning sickness horror stories, please!

Tomorrow, we’ll do morning sickness cures.

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  1. Congrats! Sorry you are feeling so bad. Hope you feel better soon. No stories or cures here though!

  2. With my first child I had to get up every morning and take my husband to work at 4:30 am. We were newlyweds and could only afford one vehicle. So no matter what I did I would always end up puking every morning. It got to the point I would just wake up, go puke, and be on with the day. She was the only one I ever got sick with like that and I lost 20 lbs before I ever gained a thing! I was so sick all the time!

    This to shall pass and maybe it's a girl. Morning sickness seems to be worse with them but I guess time will tell.

    So excited for you all!

  3. Congratulations!

    I'm 11 weeks pregnant, and I'm starting to feel a little better...though with my first, I had morning sickness up until 6 months. Yikes! Hope yours goes away soon!

  4. Uhmmm...... Ahhhhh...... I didn't have it with either one! Sorry. No help for you from this chick. (yeah, I hear you!)

  5. I just saw the video from yesterday today! Congratulations!

    I was sick with all three until the delivery. Puked every day sometimes two or three times a day. Even threw up while delivering. It wasn't pleasant.

    I remember frosted flakes helping. Something about sugar made everything feel better.

    Oh and knowing that it wouldn't last forever too!

    Hang in there!

  6. Congratulations! But I am with Lana, never really had that problem!

  7. Congratulations! Hope you feel better sooner than later! I never had morning sickness in the morning...it was always at night with all my pregnancies.

  8. Congrats. I had identical pregnancies with all three of my kiddos, which included barfing for the first half. Nothing worked for me, and I tried it all: ginger, vitamin B6, Powerade, acupuncture...just to name a few. All I can say is it was worth it, all three times! Morning sickness will become a distant memory for you too...eventually anyway. It's an amazing thing to watch your children form that sibling bond over the years. :)

  9. Congrats! No help here, sorry. Hope you feel better soon, though!


  10. With my first pregnancy EVERYTHING made me feel sick. I'd crave something, eat it and then after that I'd try it again and puke. The only thing I could eat was Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup. **gag** And I still have a problem with Bertolli's since that had a particularly bad aftermath. At least it only lasted 4 months. I feel so bad for those girls who are sick the whole 9 months!!

  11. I was not sick at all with my dd; sick all the time with Bubby.

    Congrats, and I hopeb you get to feeling better soon!! :)

  12. Congratulations, Katie!
    I was sick for the first 21 weeks with Little D. I barfed so much I just started sleeping on the bathroom floor... Why bother to get up just to run back?
    The worst part was my husband standing over me wretching my guts out on the phone with my friend who was due the same week, telling me how Teresa hadn't yacked even once!! So I dedicated the next one to her!!!
    Took me 5 years to eat sloppy joes again...
    Wasn't pretty.
    I feel your pain.
    The good news was Baby D made me sick only once.

  13. How miserable for you! I was somewhat sick with both boys until about week 20. I felt ok in the morning and progressively worse at the day went on. I would nap all afternoon (when I could) and have no appetite for supper. I remember leaving the room when my husband would cook. We moved when I was just 2 months along with #2. Not fun! Hope it passes quickly!

  14. So, I missed the memo! Congrats momma! I was blessed with no morning sickness but don't worry I got preeclampsia with both babies. I would say lay on the couch with a bucket and make the hubs take care of Adam!

  15. So sorry you're feeling icky Katie. :-( With my first I felt like I could do back flips all day everyday...super energy, felt awesome! Then with my second little guy I felt 100% different. VERY TIRED, nauseous all the time (although I only yacked once), etc.....I thought FOR SURE it must be a girl because my first boy pregnancy was so easy!! I almost fell off the ultrasound table when they said IT'S A BOY! I don't have any remedies though...I just waited it out.

  16. Don't hate me, but I was not sick one day during my pregnancy. Loved every minute of it and could have been pregnant a few months more! Sorry!!! :-) My girlfriend ( who threw up every day until a week before birth with both children) swears by Emutral (I have no idea if this is spelled correctly). It is a children's nausea medicine that her doctor recommended and she drank it like juice!

  17. Congratulations! A brand new Iowan, I can hardly wait! I barely remember morning sickness - lol, but it seems soda crackers may have been my best friends way back then.

  18. I hope the sickness subsides. I've been fortunate not to experience that. Just bad heartburn in the beginning. I hope you get some good advice to tame the sickness.

    Have a great weekend!!

  19. ConnnnnGRATS!!!! How awesome!
    Ok. horror stories. I remember (during my first pregnancy) sitting up in the middle of the night, across from the toilet clutching my glob of ginger root taffy, shaking my head saying, "this is supposed to make me feel better... this is supposed to make me feel better!!!"
    It didn't. I just threw up all that ginger flavor.
    and story #2) When I was pregnant with my third baby (I had a 3 mo. old and 22 mo. old already!!!) I was away from home, all alone with the two little ones, throwing up consistently every day and... I GOT THE STOMACH FLU VIRUS!!! Oh man. It was a puke fest, fo- shohr! Man it was bad.
    SO I hope you don't feel that bad, and if you do, I hope it passes so quick because, eventually it will pass and you will feel great again and every day will be happy-health-appreciation day!!!
    Good luck girl!!!
    PS your little boy is ADORABLE! I love the pepperoni in the mouth talk ;)

  20. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! How exciting. Thankfully, I never had to deal too much with morning sickness, but brushing my teeth was very hard with me due to the gag factor. I was also very sensitive to smells. Who knows, but just remember, it is all worth it in the end. :-)

  21. I hope you feel better soon! Morning sickness is the worst!

  22. Congratulations!!! I was so sick with the first girl that I fell asleep at my desk at school. Thankfully I woke up before any students found me.

    Different foods for different kids; s'more poptarts, lime sherbert, and always crackers and water. Oh, and Wendy's chicken nuggets and very plain baked potato.

  23. Well, I've had 3 now and it certainly doesn't get easier. Just enjoy your online life for now and know that better 2nd trimester days are coming. Congratulations! :-)

  24. Congrats!!!! My morning sickness got worse with each kid. Hang in there baby!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  25. Sorry you are not feeling well - no fun. However, what you will receive in return is well worth everything you need to do to get there.