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A Lazy Slipcover


This post at Southern Thresholds reminded me of something I did in my first house.  And since I’m fresh out of projects in this house, I thought I’d do a little “My First House” tonight.

Sorry the pictures are such poor quality. :(


1_3_07 003

This Target loveseat is one of the few brand new purchases we made for our house.  And whaddayaknow? After a few months, I hated it.  It was way too contemporary for the look I was going for.

But what’s a poor-newlywed-whose-husband-hates-when-she-changes-her-mind to do?

Throw a vintage bedspread over it!

1_3_07 007 

Much more of the cottage look I was after.  Of course there was a lot of fabric, but I just folded it over in back.

1_3_07 011

And that’s how it lived forever after. (Or at least until I sold it to my sister-in-law when we moved.)


(And see the ugly turquoise basket that I repainted here?)

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  1. I love the spread you used. So you sold it? Spread and all? You should have kept the spread :)

  2. I think it looks great! The fabric drapes just the right way. Thanks for visiting the blog...so nice to meet you! -shaunna :)

  3. LOVE this, I do this ALL the time!! :)