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Silhouette Project using Storybook Creator Plus 3.0

I was inspired earlier today by Kristi at Just Simply Southern and I also saw an adorable silhouette project by Traci at Beneath My Heart a few days ago (it’s an old post, but I’ve been catching up on my blog reading.)


So I decided to whip up a silhouette for my husband’s grandma’s birthday this weekend.  I used Storybook Creator Plus software from Creative Memories and it literally took a few minutes!  (Check out the software at www.mycmsite.com/katieolthoff)


Step 1:  Find a picture that shows a profile of the face and load it into a blank project. (I did mine in a 4x6 page so I can print it as a regular old picture.)


Step 2: Click on the Cut and Fill ribbon and use the custom cutting tool (curved line) to cut out the face.  Don’t worry if it looks kind of funky as you do it.  Use the “edit points” button to perfect it.  This step will flatten your image.

Silhouettes - Page 003

Step 3: Again on the Cut and Fill ribbon, change the fill color to whatever you want.

Step 4: Use the Insert ribbon to add your text.

Silhouettes - Page 001

I added a couple of (totally optional) steps here – a background and a little tag beneath the text.

Silhouettes - Page 002 

Silhouettes - Page 001Silhouettes - Page 004

Step 5: Print using your favorite photo printer or www.cmphotocenter.com.


And VOILA!  Bob’s your uncle!  (the only thing is, Bob really is my uncle…)


Adelyn is Adam’s 2nd cousin, and is only 6 weeks old!  I framed these and gave them to their Great Grandma Shirley for her birthday this week.  I forgot to take a picture of them printed and framed, though!  The total cost of the project was:

$0.56 (2 4x6 prints at Walmart)

$3.00 (black double frame at Walmart)

$3.56!  Great price for a beautiful, personalized gift!

l’m linking up to Make Your Monday at Twice Remembered.


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  1. that is soo cute! thanks for stopping by. have a very blessed day!

  2. I keep meaning to try a silhouette of my kids and it is on my to do list that keeps getting longer. You did a great job on yours.