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Shelli’s Modern Cabin Living Room


We all have those things we have to decorate around.  Sometimes it’s an awkward layout or furniture we can’t afford to replace.  Sometimes it’s a giant tv that our husband insists on.

And sometimes it’s a collection of John Deere Collectible Plates. (I’ll write about that another day.)

But Shelli has to decorate around deer.  Formerly live, now dead-and-in-her-living-room, deer.

She’s not the only one.  I would guess, in our neck of the woods, 1 in 5 families have a deer mount on their wall.  And if they decided to decorate around a cabin or hunting theme, the room is probably covered in burgundy and hunter green.

Shelli’s living room is done in a pretty medium brown and gray, which blends well with the two deer (and two pheasants) on the wall.  But her dining room and kitchen are a vibrant green and yellow, which tells me that the living room just really isn’t her style.

She asked for help planning a living room re-do, and I have to admit, it was kind of a challenge.  The room has to be comfortable for her two little boys and husband, as well as herself.  And the deer and pheasants have to stay.


I came up with this design to address several problems in the room.

1.  The couch and loveseat have seen better days.  Shelli says it’s time for new furniture, and we both agreed that dark brown leather would be a great option for her busy boys.

2.  The room needs contrast.  The walls and furniture are nearly the same color.  My vote – lighter gray walls.

3.  The room needs pattern and texture.  I’m mad about plaid lately, so I’m suggesting a light yellow and gray plaid on pillows.  Other options include stripes and a subtle floral.  Not a frilly floral, but a meadow, prairie type, like on this (clearance!) chair from Target.

4.  Finally, a little femininity will go a long way.  Straight lines, dark leather, and taxidermy are all very masculine.  The softer colored patterns, as well as a round end table, will make the room comfortable for Shelli, too.


I think I chose the colors – wheat, gray and dark brown – because that’s what I’m seeing outside my window this time of year. 

Sources and more inspiration for the room can be found on the pinterest board I created for Shelli’s living room.

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