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Be Kind

This thought is resonating with me today.

be kind
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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Vintage Map Desk


I worked on a lot of different furniture projects this summer, but didn’t take time to post them, so now it’s time to play catch up!


I bought this desk at a garage sale several years ago.  It was sturdy, but not really cute. 



But now, after a little TLC, I think it’s much better looking!


I started by filling the drawer pull holes with wood filler, and then painting it with a Valspar Spray Paint. 


Finally, I modpodged pages from a vintage atlas to the top.  (I found the atlas at Antiques Iowa, a nearby antique mall where you can find almost ANYTHING you want!)  New white knobs and it was done!




The desk was at The HomeShed’s first sale, but it didn’t sell, so it’s still available!

It’s been so long…

since I wrote a blog post, I almost don’t remember how to do it.


September (remember?  the overbooked month) is over.  And we’re halfway through October, and I’m still not back into the swing of things.  You know when you’re insanely busy, and then it ends, and you’re not really sure what to do with yourself?  Like, “There’s nothing that HAS to be done in the next 15 minutes, or 4 hours, or before tomorrow, so I’ll just sit here and do nothing.”  That’s me, for the past two weeks.


The house remodeling continues – it’s been 7 or 8 weeks now.  Everything is *mostly* done, but things still aren’t back where they belong, and it’s slowly making me crazy.  When it IS done, I’ll do before/after posts for every area that has been changed in the past couple of months.


Adam is doing great at preschool.  It seems like he’s gone from a little boy to a big boy BOOM! overnight.  He wants to learn to read really badly, and is making great progress.  Momma’s proud of her firstborn. :)

And Isaac?  Isaac’s still a hurricane, but an adorably funny,18 month old one.  He’s learning a few more words, but his favorite is, “uh-ooh-uh?” with intonations and gestures that show that he means, “Where is it?”  He’s managed to terrify his kindermusik classmate, leaving me to apologize constantly throughout the class.  He’s also managed to somehow develop an anemia problem.  Iron supplements + chronic constipation = lots of Miralax for this baby.


Anyway, since this has been, like, the most boring-est update post in the world, I think you should go check out my friend Ellie’s blog for some beautiful home d├ęcor inspiration.  She’s doing 31 Days of Moodboards and they are all FANTASTIC.  This is my favorite:


I promise, when I blog again, it will be full of pictures of my house, pictures of my kids, or something interesting about the farm.  I promise. :)