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Turkey Tuesday: Food Safety

Ugh.  Who threw out their eggs following the recall?  Me!  You know I live in Iowa, right?  And the recalled eggs came from Iowa.  It seemed like everyone I knew had to throw theirs out.


But what upsets me even more is the media’s coverage of this recall.  Did you realize that only ONE PERCENT OF THE EGG SUPPLY WAS AFFECTED.  1%!!!  I didn’t hear that on the news!


Shortly after the recall, we heard that the farms didn’t use the salmonella vaccine, and that was partly to blame.

But just a year ago, the livestock industry was under fire for “over-using” antibiotics. 

So, what do you want from us?  Do you want us to vaccinate and treat our sick animals?  Or not?  We’re getting some mixed messages.


I don’t know the facts about this salmonella vaccine, but I know that we (and most farmers) use vaccinations and antibiotics to help ensure a SAFE and PLENTIFUL FOOD SUPPLY for our nation.  I think everyone would agree that’s a good thing. 


Please remember – farmers are eating the same food you do.  We want our food to be safe for our families, neighbors and friends.  Most of us are trying our hardest to ensure that.  Unfortunately, it just takes a few bad eggs and the media (and America public) is once again attacking farmers and agriculture.

Out of it’s banks!

While I was in Chicago earlier this month, my dear little Squaw Creek filled overflowed with water.

It didn’t quite make it up to our house, but it flooded almost .4 mile of gravel road from the highway to our lane, and even went over the highway for the first time in history.  Of course, I have no photos because I had both cameras with me in Chicago, and hubby was stuck at home, driving 4 miles “around the block” to get to his turkey buildings.  Thank goodness we built those on high ground!

And then, Squaw Creek continued to flow southward, where it caused even more damage.  Click on the link below to see photos of what it did to Ames.

Photos: Aerial Tour Of Ames Flooding - Photos - KCCI Des Moines

55,000 people without power and electricity.  Several feet of water in the university’s Hilton Coliseum (the volleyball team is playing at the high school this season!)  At least 3 long time businesses closing after water damage.


And this is the 2nd 100 year flood since we moved to Squaw Creek in 2008.  Crazy.

Falling in love with Fall

I used to love summer.  But this one’s been tough.  The heat has made it hard for Adam and I to play outside, but it’s been even harder on the turkeys (and their devoted farmer.) 

And the bugs – even when it was cooler, the bugs were so bad that Adam walks around slapping his head saying, “I got him, I got that skeeto bug,” out of habit.

Why so many bugs this year?  The water.  I haven’t even posted about the water yet.  But google “Squaw Creek” under news and you’ll see what my lovely creek did to my even lovelier alma mater.  Not good.


So, today is the day I’ve been waiting for.  We are hanging out on the porch in sweatshirts…there is a gentle breeze, and although the leaves aren’t yet turning, we can hear them rustling against each other.  Occasionally, we hear a cow from down the road, and the neighbor cat is here to visit, as always.  Adam is talking to his tractors, and I’m just sitting here, soaking it all in.


img_3995 img_4002img_4001

I’m Baaacckk!!

At least, I hope I am!


August has been crazy busy for me – first the trip to Minneapolis for the Creative Memories national Showcase.  Then, home for a few days to finish up my classwork (I took 3 courses this summer, not sure if I told you all that!) and then a few days in Chicago for a family wedding.  Finally, school started last week, which means I’m back to work!


I have to admit, it’s been kind of nice to take a break from blogging…especially from the amount of time I was spending reading other blogs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love keeping up on what’s going on in blog world, but I didn’t realize how much time it was stealing from me.  So, even though I’m back, I’m going to try to keep it reigned in this time.  I know many bloggers have posted about how they balance family time and everything else going on, including blogging, but I think it’s really hard to do.  I value the friendships I’ve made through blogging, but I also need to spend some more time on other things (like farm office work.)  So that’s my disclaimer for my “return” to blogging.


Any tips?  How do you balance it all?



I’m having a party

at my house tomorrow night.
Oh dear.