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8 Things to Keep in Mind for Guilt-Free Meat Eating

It has recently come to my attention that some people feel guilty about eating meat.  My farm women friends and I discussed it, and we came up with 8 great reasons to push the guilt aside and chow down.

1.  We’ve been eating meat for 1.5 million years.
And for the first 1,499,950 years, no one felt guilty about it.  (Read more at Home Again Finnegan)

2.  Meat made us smarter.
Basically, when our ancestors started eating meat, their bodies were able to spend less energy digesting and more on brain development.  (Read more at Lipstick and Tractors.)

3.  We were born to eat meat.
and we’ve got the canine teeth and gastric juices to prove it. (Read more at Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids)

4. Meat provides us nutrients we can’t (easily) get elsewhere.  (Read more at FarmGirl Facts of Life.)

5.  Farms are lowering their carbon footprint. (Read more at My Other More Exciting Self)

6.  96% of farms in the US are family farms.  (Read more at Kansas Cattle Ranch)

7.  Farm animals are not the same as pets. (Read more at Kellie for Ag)

8.  Bacon.  And steak.  And Thanksgiving.  Enough said.

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  1. Lots of great information! Love the infographic too!

  2. I think bacon, steak, & Thanksgiving is enough said! But everyone had great articles! :)