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Top 10 Projects of 2011



1.  Storage Solution: Children’s Books


2.  DIY Pull-Out Pantry Tutorial


3.  Storage Solutions: Pretty Storage Bin Tutorial




4. Pinterest Project #7: The Zoo



5.  The Siding and Windows: Before

(Wow, I REALLY need to update you on this project – This side of the house looks AMAZING and the rest will be finished in the spring!)


6.  Pinterest Project #6: Tripod Lamp



7.  Just hanging 'round


8.  Switcheroo


9.  Pinterest Project #2: Because it makes me smile



10.  Mistreated Windows


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2011’s Digital Scrapbook


Each year, I make a scrapbook for our parents and siblings through Creative Memories. The book showcases my favorite memories and photos from the year.  This year was no exception.  The only difference was that the book had twice the usual number of pages this time around!

r2011 - Page 001

r2011 - Page 002r2011 - Page 003r2011 - Page 004r2011 - Page 005r2011 - Page 006r2011 - Page 007r2011 - Page 008r2011 - Page 009r2011 - Page 010r2011 - Page 011r2011 - Page 012r2011 - Page 013r2011 - Page 014r2011 - Page 015r2011 - Page 016r2011 - Page 017r2011 - Page 018r2011 - Page 019r2011 - Page 020r2011 - Page 021r2011 - Page 022r2011 - Page 023r2011 - Page 024r2011 - Page 025r2011 - Page 026r2011 - Page 027r2011 - Page 028r2011 - Page 029r2011 - Page 030r2011 - Page 031r2011 - Page 032r2011 - Page 033r2011 - Page 034r2011 - Page 035r2011 - Page 036r2011 - Page 037r2011 - Page 038r2011 - Page 039r2011 - Page 040r2011 - Page 041