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Labor & Delivery vs. Kidney Stone


They say that passing a kidney stone is like being in labor & delivery

I have done both. The latter, I did willingly, without medication.  The former was unplanned by me, unexpected, and unwelcome.


kidney stone


Kidney Stone: mine took 3 hours to pass

Labor and Delivery: both were about 9 hours

Winner: Kidney Stone


Pain level

Labor and Delivery: 10

Kidney stones: 72

Winner: Labor and Delivery



Labor and Delivery: None.  That’s right.  Med-free births for me!

Kidney Stones: None, but not by choice.  By the time they got the IV in my wretched, hard to find veins, the stone had passed.

Winner: tie


Fear Factor

Kidney Stones: had no clue what was going on.  Thought for sure I was going to die on the bathroom floor before I got to the ER

Labor and Delivery:Was pretty sure I was having a baby.  Nervous, but exhilarating.  (much scarier the 2nd time because I knew what having a baby was like!)

Winner: Labor and Delivery



Kidney Stone: Strainer to pee through for a week.

Labor and Delivery: Sweet, sweet baby.

Winner: Labor and Delivery



Kidney Stone: None (except I now know that I have another one floating around, waiting to pass)

Labor and Delivery: 9 months of preparation

Winner: Labor and Delivery



Kidney Stone: peeing through a strainer for a week

Labor and Delivery: trouble sitting for a week, let alone peeing

Winner: Kidney Stone



Kidney Stone = 2

Labor and Delivery = 4



Yes, it’s true.  I’d rather have another baby than pass another kidney stone.

Unfortunately, however, there is another kidney stone floating around inside of me. 

Not another baby.

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  1. I came across this post while I was looking to see what color you ended up painting your house.... anyway, I had a kidney stone that put me in the bathroom floor (off and on) for a whole day before I went to the ER then another hour or two before I agreed to drugs. It was maybe 3 weeks before it finally came out and it was like 4 times as big as yours! AND, like you, I also have another stone. but fortunately nothing has happened with it and it's been over 18 months since the first one. So perhaps you will catch a break! Love the comparison to childbirth! And just in case I can't find it please let me know where the post is for the house painting!