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2014: The Year of the Routines



I’m terrible at routines.  I don’t know why, but I always have been.

I’m also terrible at keeping my house clean.  And managing time.  And getting stuff DONE.

I’m really good at procrastinating and distracting myself.

But this year, it’s all going to change.  I’m going to put some new routines in place, and it’s going to be a good thing.

routines are good

I googled “routines” to find an image for this post, and was kind of surprised.  Everything I found was so very negative.  Apparently, the internet thinks that routines will squelch creativity and lead to a boring, mundane life.

routine images

I disagree.  Routines will free up more time for creativity, without the nagging “responsibilities” in the back of my mind.  Routines will help me tackle the mundane tasks of life as quickly and effortlessly as possible, so that I can give my full attention to the things that really matter: my family and my “projects.”

A routine is like a little plan for getting something done, whether it’s dishes, laundry, or getting the 2 year old to bed.  A routine eliminates the decision making and procrastinating.  A routine gets things done.

I’m starting small.  Routine #1: Do the dishes first thing in the morning.  I can almost get the dishwasher unloaded while the keurig heats.  And then it only takes a few more minutes to get it loaded back up again.  Dishes will no longer pile up for days.  Small routine.  Big difference.

What routines do you follow? Cleaning routines?  Work routines? Routines for your kids?  Please SHARE! I need all the help I can get!

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  1. Two weeks ago I quit using the dishwasher and started hand washing the dishes. It takes less time to wash and put away. I also do it immediately after the meal. Andy plays wirh kids while I wash and put away.

    1. Don't you think it's sort of calming, too? There's something about having your hands in the hot water!

  2. By the way, I love your blog! It is so honest and relevant.

  3. I love this! I'm definitely in the same boat I get distracted so easily! with baby number 2 coming I need a system that works for keeping things straightened up!

  4. I have never owned a dishwasher and have always done dishes by hand.. I think loading a dishwasher and unloading takes more time..
    Before I go to bed every night I tidy up the house and put things away. It does help if I get something out ~ when I done with it I put it away where I found it.. That saves a lot of time.Good luck with your new way of doing things..
    ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  5. I'm a believer in routines too. I do my dishes at night while Ian plays with the kids similarly to Hayley. Also, like Tiggeriffic, I do a "walk through" of my house every night before going to bed. I can't function well in a dirty house so I clean it up every night so each morning I can get to work. Another thing I do is a load of laundry every day. I put it in the wash in the morning when I wake up, put it in the dryer mid-morning to noonish, fold during nap time in the afternoon and put it away after doing the dishes.